Purvi and TJ

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How They Asked

We go to New York every December to see the lights and the tree every year. I thought this year was going to be no different. The train ride there was normal. Soon as we arrived in NYC, he was acting nervous but played it off well. Every person we met throughout the day when I would walk away, he would tell them and show them the ring. We even met this nice couple who ended up paying our bar tab because they were excited he was going to propose (I just thought they were being friendly).

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Later that evening, my sister called me and asked if I could FaceTime her when we got to the tree so she could see it. And she told me to apply some lipstick before we got there, which I didn’t see as weird because she’s always telling me to do that! We finally walked to Times Square and the plan was to take some pictures and then grab some dinner. As we were walking around, he finally saw someone who had a professional camera hanging around his neck so he asked if he could take our picture. I was looking around trying to find a good spot to stand and I was fixing my hair.

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I found a cute spot and turned around to tell him and once I turned around, there he was on his knee! I was in shock and backed up like 30 feet from him and didn’t say anything, for what he said was an eternity! I asked if he was serious and then proceeded to say yes a thousand times! It was the perfect moment! Once what just happened sunk in, we started walking to the tree at Rockefeller Center and it clicked why my sister wanted me to FaceTime her!

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My sister and my mom knew he was going to propose that day for months! I started crying all over again when I spoke to them and just kept looking at him, still not believing it. He knows how much I absolutely love Christmas and the holiday season so he knew December in NYC would be perfect! Being able to take our first picture as an engaged couple by a Christmas tree with all of the lights surrounding us was magical. I love how our engagement anniversary will always be during the holiday season!

Special Thanks

Michael Murphy
 | Photographer