Megan and Charles' Puppy Proposal Video


How we met: Chuck and I both volunteer for a high school outreach Christian ministry. I was placed on his Younglife “team” in the beginning of 2013.

As time went on and we spent most days of the weeks together, I knew I liked this guy. I went home and told my mom (she can contest) that “I was going to marry this guy” she laughed and said I was crazy.
A month went by and we hung out more and got to know each other more and more. This went on from January till May. In May we were both leaving for the whole summer, on the day we left I muscled up the courage to tell Chuck I liked him. When I told him I liked him, he exclaimed that he felt the same way. We decided that if by the end of the summer was over and we still had feelings for each other we would pursue a relationship. We wrote letters all summer and he even surprised me with a visit! When we got home we decided that this was worth a shot and we began to date!

how they asked: On March 26, 2015 Chuck and I went to a local restaurant with my family and his for my late “family birthday dinner”. Towards the end of the dinner Chuck asked me if I was ready to leave, I said no (I did not want to be rude to the family) but everyone insisted that we leave.

We said our goodbyes and started walking down towards the water tower towards our car. As we approached the water tower Chuck pointed over to a dog that was sitting on the pavement.

I did not think anything of it because there are dogs all over downtown all the time, he pointed again and said “What a bad owner, leaving their dog tied up alone” and I laughed.

Then we got closer to the dog and I realized that it was not a dog, but a puppy. A goldendoodle puppy that I had been begging Chuck for, for months now….

I started crying and asked if it was my dog, and he said “go over there”. He told me to look at the collar (I was worried he had given it some ridiculous name). When I read the collar it said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”.


I turned around and Chuck was down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife and popped open a ring box with a beautiful ring. I said YES! Now we are getting married and we have a puppy!





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