Cassie and Kaleb's Pumpkin Patch Proposal

Image 2 of Cassie and Kaleb's Pumpkin Patch ProposalWe met in college. Kaleb claims to have met me twice before I remember meeting him. I still am skeptical that I stood out to him in the thousands of students that were in my freshman class! I came to college in Washington all the way from Colorado. I didn’t know a soul in the entire state. I met Kaleb my first day in the dorms. He was a sophomore and was my freshman orientation leader. His job was to babysit the 30 students on my dorm floor for the week before school started. I remember calling my best friend back home the night that I met him and telling her I thought he was cute, but would never consider dating the very first man I met at college. Kaleb and I had a great connection, and throughout my freshman year were the kind of friends that knew we were somehow close and felt like we knew each other for years although we spent little time together. Kaleb ran for my sorority sweetheart at the end of my freshman year and I voted against him… not because he wouldn’t be the best and only man for the job, but because if he won that would mean we wouldn’t be able to have any kind of romantic relationship for an entire year! Kaleb was elected, of course, but I knew we were still going to end up together someday. I decided that I’d take the year to really get to know him on a deeper level. You could ask any one of my sorority sisters and they would say that our connection was clear. About sixth months in, Kaleb and I were both finally available at the same time and it was the first time in two years that the timing seemed right. We weren’t allowed to date because of him being my sorority’s sweetheart, so we nixed the label and kept it between us for an entire six months! He even drove 18 hours to Colorado over Christmas break, and nobody even knew it. Kaleb and I spent those months falling in love and becoming best friends, and once his term as sweetheart was over, we could finally make our relationship public and he had my best friends kidnap me and drive me to our famous red turf so that he could officially ask me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked: My chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority has an annual pumpkin patch sisterhood, and it’s always been my very favorite day of the year! Kaleb was scheduled to be out of town at a birthday party that day, but I still had a feeling that something big just might happen. I had thought about him proposing at this sisterhood for months, and even had to bite my tongue about how excited I was to go to it just in case he had this plan so he wouldn’t think that the jig was up! I changed three times that morning and made sure my nails were done just in case. I texted my sister Marissa that morning about how I was over analyzing everything that Kaleb was doing and saying. He was looking at my nails, asking about my outfit for the day, and texting me about when we all were going to load up in the car to head to the pumpkin patch. I was seriously suspicious but didn’t want to totally get my hopes up for that to be the day!

After eating lunch and walking around the Greenbluff harvest festival, my sorority sisters and I gathered around by the pumpkin patch. I kept looking around and had butterflies in my stomach and couldn’t help but imagine how perfect it would be to get engaged here. My sorority sisters and I took our group photos and I had no idea Kaleb was actually around the corner waiting for the right time to make his appearance! After the photos we all were clumped together, deciding what to do next. I had just started to force my imagination to shut off and stop secretly wishing that I’d scan the crowd and see Kaleb, who I had known to be in a town 2 hours away for the day. Suddenly my sisters grew quiet and spread out into a circle, and my fairy tale came true as a teary eyed Kaleb appeared!

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I knew instantly what he was about to do and tears started flowing! Kaleb hugged me and kissed me and told me that he wanted to spend his life with me before he dropped down on his knee and asked me the easiest question I had ever been asked! Image 4 of Cassie and Kaleb's Pumpkin Patch Proposal
Kaleb proposed to me in the most perfect way. I was so spoiled to have had sixty of some of the most important people in my life there to experience the moment with me. I still cry the happiest tears on earth every time I really stop to think that I officially get to marry my very best friend!

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Photos by her amazing older sister: Marissa Ciambotti