Pumpkin Farm Proposal

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How We Met: Jorge and I met at Ray Price Honda back in 2010 He’s in car sales and I used to work in the office. At the time we were never into each other and I had a boyfriend. Jorge says always had a crush on me, but he respected that I was in a relationship. A year later I had to get a closer job to home so I lost connections with everyone at my other job. Then in the summer of 2012 I found his cell number in my old phone and I decided to shoot him a text because I was then single and ready to mingle… We went on couple of dates then Nov 18,2012 he asked me out!

how they asked: Last October 2012 Jorge took me to a pumpkin patch for my first time, we had such an amazing time. So every year Jorge’s family go to Donaldson Farm in New Jersey and this year he invited my family to go with them too. At first my parents were saying no they couldn’t go (because of church plans), but on Sunday morning my mom said that they were going to come and that she was so excited. We ended up being an hour late to the farm, and Jorge’s dad had gotten a horse and carriage that waiting for us to get there!

We all finally got there and were all excited to see each other – so we started to take pictures. My parents and his parents were holding a pumpkin and I was like “oh let me grab my phone” while I looked down to grab my phone, I looked up an they turned the pumpkin around and it said “WILL” and “YOU” then I started to look around for Jorge and when I saw him he had the “MARRY ME?” pumpkin.

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My heart dropped and I started to cry. Jorge started to give me his speech which was amazing. Everyone there had tears, and helloooo he said “Will you marry me?” and I said ‘OF COURRSEEEE’! We are so HAPPY!!!

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Here is the video that my brother put together. My family is very into making vlogs, so I thought this was just another vlog he was filming: