Crysta and Steven's Pumpkin Carving Proposal


How we met: Steven and I met long before we actually dated, we had been friends through mutual friends for nearly 4 years but never dated or talked of the subject until much later on down the road. Steven admitted to liking me the entire time we were friends but we went to different high schools and I was dating someone else on and off. I’d just gotten out of a rough breakup my senior year of high school when he texted me a sweet message and asked me on our first date. He dressed up and was such a perfect gentleman and that was to this day the best and last first date I’ve ever been on! We went on quite a few more dates (at least one a week) before we made things “official.” Steven joined me at college the semester after I went and we’ve been inseparable since because he’s remained that same wonderful man through the two and half years we’ve been dating. During that time we’ve created a lot of great memories and friendships and have built our lives centered around each other and our future together because somehow we just knew we would wind up getting married one day.

how they asked: Sunday October 19, 2014 will forever live as the most amazing day I’ve ever experienced.

Steven offered for us to go to the movies together early that afternoon and then from the theater he “accidentally got lost” when we were headed back to my parents house where we visit on the weekends. Finally once we were on the right road he pulls over and tells me he has a surprise for me and asks to blindfold me. (Admittedly, my man is a prankster so I didn’t trust this and told him if something jumped out at me he was going to get slapped into next week. I know feel kind of bad, but he’s not holding it against me!) I rode the rest of the way home as blind as a bat and Steven helped me walk into the yard. Suddenly, our song from the night of our first kiss started playing out of nowhere and he grabbed my hands and we began slow dancing. (This was really romantic, but I was still blindfolded and wanted to see his face!)

After the song was over he told me to take a few steps and wait. When he finally said I could take the blindfold off it took me a few minutes to process what was going on. I saw the faces of my friends, family, and sorority sisters in front of me and they were all holding pumpkins. Then I realized the pumpkins had letters carved into them and I read over them and saw it asked, “will you marry me?” Tears came without stopping and the words “are you serious?” came out of my mouth. This was an absolute dream. Then my eyes found Steven on one knee, microphone and ring in hand. I said yes when I read the pumpkins but then he told me what I meant to him and asked me to make one of his dreams come true by marrying him. I couldn’t say yes enough times or loud enough through shock and tears.




After the proposal it was time for hugs and laughter and to be let in on the secret that EVERYONE was keeping from me. Steven had told all my sorority sisters, friends, and family weeks in advance about the proposal and everyone worked really hard to keep the secret from me. My mother called for all the guests to come inside the house and once we did we had stepped into our own little engagement party. Everything was beautiful and everyone was so happy including the two of us.