Stefanie and Christopher's Puck Drop Hockey Proposal

Puck Drop Hockey ProposalHow we met: Christopher and I have known each other literally forever, even our fathers have been friends since they were teenagers! So it’s safe to say we were friends before we even started dating. Every summer my family goes to his family’s lake house in Nh, and this year he finally stirred up the courage to ask me out to the movies. After our first date I knew he was the one, everything felt comfortable and just right. He was (and still is) such a gentleman, and it’s a bonus that we’ve known each other and each others families our entire lives!

how they asked: A month before he proposed, he asked me if I would drop the puck at his hockey game against the Bruins alumni. I was reluctant at first for the simple fact that I would have to walk out on the ice in front of a lot of people! However, he told me that he was going to play in honor of his late brother, so I agreed to stand by his side and drop the puck.

Little did I know, my entire family and his along with all of our close friend, his hockey team, and the Bruins all knew what was about the happen once I got on that ice! As soon as he dropped to his knee I instantly started to cry and couldn’t believe that he had pulled this off without me finding out! The video truly captures the moment and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or a better fiance!!

Puck Drop Hockey Proposal
Puck Drop Hockey Proposal
Puck Drop Hockey Proposal

Photography by: Aurelle Russo