Melissa and Drew's Prospect Park Proposal

How We Met: When Drew and I first met, I was in (what I told myself) was a happy, healthy relationship. I was not on the market. My younger sister, Jenny, however, had freshly arrived to the dating scene after suffering an abrupt broken heart hand delivered by an unnamed unkept Williamsburg hillbilly.

My good friend knew  ‘this guy Drew’ through hometown connections, who unbenownst to me, had been co-existing in our island home of Manhattan for past 9 years. He was also a new transplant to single-hood having  recently cut the chord from a long term, bittersweet relationship. Our mission seemed simple.

As Angie described him to me over G-chat on a normal Tuesday I recall vividly thinking “well.. wait a second. he sounds pretty cool.” But, alas, we were solving for Jenny. “Focus!”, I had to keep saying to myself.

The matchmaking happy hour was set up. I remember showing up before my sister could make it from work and I was flying solo for the evening. I remember thinking ‘I hope that’s him’ seeing a cute, brown haired guy with kind eyes in the corner stool- unsure of if I was happy for me or happy for my sister. And then feeling guilty for the possibility of the former.

My friend (the one who had hidden this gem for so long) introduced us. Conversation was easy and genuine, he was adorably approachable, and we had a ton in common. I almost wished Jenny’s cab would get in a small, non dangerous accident on the way, delaying cupid’s arrow.

When Jenny arrived and met Drew, the anticipated fireworks were more like elderly fireflies in a dirty mason jar. Later that night, over our tater tots at Big Daddy’s Diner, she said there was an older brother vibe that couldn’t be ignored. That he just wasn’t into her and seemed much more on my wavelength. I smiled on the inside the whole way home.

Fast forward a few months and I was single. ‘That guy Drew’ popped into my head. I got ahold of him via email, under the muse of a tennis game, and that’s where it began. A slow, cautious start full of long walks going nowhere, unexpected giggles, and unlimited patience from his side. We fell in love somewhere between the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Madison Square Park. All I know is that I haven’t bothered to look back once.

2014-09-28 11.49.37-1

how they asked: I had a feeling it might be coming…although he was cool as a cucumber. We hadn’t looked for a ring. We didn’t talk timeline specifics. He doesn’t like a scene. So I wondered.. but was clueless as to when and how.

It was a sunshine-y Fall day made for a Rom-Com. We had some beers disguised in a water bottles and went for a walk to Prospect Park. There was a good feeling that day. Plans for dinner and a movie- nothing special or out of ordinary. We laid in the grass and I snapped a little photo shoot of silly sappy selfies (pictured below and now really special) completely unaware that he had my rock (without a box!) in his jean pocket.

2014-09-20 18.20.46

A few moments later he was down on one knee trying to get me to stop gabbing about dinner options. I saw the ring and all I remember is hearing “you’re my favorite person in the world” and I just said YES.

A woman ran after us out of breath saying she saw him get down one one knee and snapped a pic. It’s grainy and out of focus and it’s just perfect.

2014-09-20 19.07.35-1

Since the proposal, I’ve loved to hear all the behind the scenes work he did. Like calling my parents and my mom taking over when my dad started to cry. Like how he hand sifted through diamonds at work while building this beautiful ring from scratch (with Like how he showed his mom the ring a month ago when I was in the shower. Like waking up on a random Saturday and saying I just can’t wait anymore, let’s do this!

My detective, my hero, my calm, my better half, my best friend. Love is a good thing.

Engagement Ring by Suzie Saltzman