Propose This Winter with Hearts on Fire

Winter is one of the most romantic times of the year. Coffee dates, playful snowball fights, and of course, snowy proposals! Thinking of proposing this winter? We’ve teamed up with Hearts On Fire to bring you adorable proposal ideas and gorgeous rings to go along.


(shown above: Transcend Premier Dream Halo Engagement Ring)

skiing proposal

Winter is a great time for hitting the slopes. Whether it’s your first time on a mountain or the two of you are no strangers to fresh powder, getting down on one knee surrounded by beautiful, crisp snow is a great way to propose to the love of your life.

HowHeAsked Winter SkiingProposals-Hearts on Fire
Source: Royce Sihlis

Head for the slopes with a Transcend Premier Dream Halo Engagement Ring in your pocket. Just make sure she doesn’t lose balance as she heads down the mountain with one hand now heavier than the other. Transcend-Premier-Dream-Halo-Engagement-Ring-1

Christmas Eve proposal

Tell her you have a surprise gift you just can’t wait for Christmas morning to give her. Whether you do it in front of family and friends, in the backyard, or at a holiday party, you’ll now get to spend Christmas day as an engaged couple, showing everyone your sparkly new Christmas gift. Plus you get to write “To My Fiancé” on your Christmas present gift tags.

HowHeAsked Winter Proposals-Hearts on Fire
Source: Christmas Proposal Shoot

Want a ring that will twinkle more than the star on top of your tree? Propose to her with the Transcend Premier Hearts On Fire Halo Engagement Ring.


Snow Day Proposal

Brave the cold and spend a romantic day outdoors. Hold hands and take a walk through the local park. Build a snowman together or lay down and cover the ground with snow angels. Playfully throw a snowball at her and as you go to call truce and hug, get down on one knee.

HowHeAsked Winter Proposals in Chicago Hearts on Fire
Source: Gray Photography

Warm coats and extra layers provide a great hiding place for engagement ring boxes. She’ll be so surprised to see you pull a Hearts On Fire Signature Custom Halo Engagement Ring out of your pocket. Just make sure she takes off her gloves so you can slide it on her finger!


Holiday Card Photoshoot

Set up a proposal photoshoot under the disguise of wanting to take photos of you as a couple for a holiday card or to give to your loved ones as a gift. The two of you will be dressed your best, she won’t expect it, and you’ll get holiday photos, proposal photos, AND engagement photos all in one day.

HowHeAsked Christmas-Photoshoot-Hearts on Fire
Source: Lindsey Shea Photography

Have your photographer capture her reactions as you tell her how much you love her and want to spend your life together. Most importantly, you’ll capture the moment you get down on one knee with an Illustrious Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Band.


Cozy Indoor Proposal

If you’re not a fan of the cold outdoors spend the day doing warm indoor activities. Head to a museum or go to the local mall to take photos with Santa. Get down on one knee in front of some beautiful holiday decorations or by a cozy fireplace. This will make the perfect backdrop for those proposal photos.


Source: Holiday Homecoming Proposal

This holiday she’s most likely asking Santa for a diamond. Make her holiday wish come true with more than one. Get her a Multiplicity Love Seven-Stone Band.

single band hearts on fire

Want to make more of her holiday diamond wishes come true this winter? Start a right hand stack for her with a Transcend Premier Diamond Band.


Already have a right hand stack? Add to it with this Hearts On Fire Signature Beaded Metal Band.


Can’t decide what ring to give your sweetheart? We say go all out and get her three bands to go along with that engagement ring! You can’t go wrong with a gift from Hearts On Fire.