Picturesque Winter Proposals

While some couples like to avoid the cold snowy weather at all costs, others embrace it. Some love it so much, that they even get engaged in the chilly, snowy weather. Props to the man getting down on bended knee in the cold, wet snow. No matter whether or not you love the cold weather, we think you can agree that these snowy proposal photos are gorgeous!

Snowy Proposal in Chicago
Blizzard conditions and closed tourist attractions didn’t stop this man from getting down on one knee to celebrate their 100-month anniversary.

Chicago-Marriage-Proposal-Ideas In The Snow

Photo by Gray Photography

Glenna and Mike’s Magical Proposal in Pictures
He convinced her to go check out the skaters at the rink. Little did she know she would become the biggest star on the ice.

Amazing Snow Proposal

Photo by Emeott Photography

Fenway Park Marriage Proposal
This Red Sox fan thought her big surprise was a tour of Fenway Park, but when she got out to the field, her surprise was a lot bigger than that.

Snow Proposal at Fenway Park

Snowy Photo Shoot Proposal
They went on a couple’s photoshoot to help build their friend’s portfolio, and left with some wonderful proposal pictures.


Photo by Pebble & Pine Photography

The Founder of Gets Engaged!
For a couple that skis and snowboards, this day at the slopes seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, until one last run changed everything.

Founder of HowTheyAsked gets engaged

Photo by John Jordan

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