The Dreamiest Proposals Photographed by Flytographer

There’s no better memory than the moment the love of your life asks you to marry them, and Flytographer wants to capture that moment. It all happens so quick and before you know it, you’re planning a wedding together and celebrating your future. While this is such an exciting time, we can promise you that you’ll want to be able to look back at the moment that your relationship started the next chapter. Flytographer is a website where you can hire a photographer in almost any location! All it takes is 3 simple steps: book your Flytographer shoot, meet your vacation Flytographer, and receive your photographs!

Here at How They Asked, we’ve seen some of the dreamiest proposals taken by photographers at Flytographer. Keep reading to swoon over the most beautiful proposal moments that Flytographer has captured.

Michelle and AmarPhotographed By Taena in Maui for Flytographer

“The entire trip to Maui was actually a surprise. We were out in the Bay Area for a work conference and the plan was to stay out West for a few extra days after the conference. I told Michelle that we were going to LA for four days, but as we were checking into the kiosk at the airport, I told her I had a secret for her and the tickets to Maui popped up on the screen at that moment…”

Caitlin and RobinsonPhotographed by Ernir in Reykjavik for Flytographer

“I took my selfie, said the only line I rehearsed, then panicked without a further script while Caitlin just smiled at me. It was a beautiful smile, and I wish y’all could’ve seen it from where I was standing! Once I had rambled through words and sentences that didn’t make sense, she finally said yes! What a day! After that, we got a personal tour of all the most beautiful spots in Reykjavic with a photographer who knew his stuff and knew how to capture all the magic of the day. Now we have a little album and a big story that we LOVE pulling out to share with friends, family, and strangers in the elevator – thanks largely to Flytographer!”

Diego and JeromePhotographed by Olga in Venice for Flytographer

“When we got there I asked my partner to take a selfie with me. This was my sign to Olga so she could approach us. She came and offered her help to take a picture of us (as we had planned before). So she grabbed my phone and set it into video mode while she was pretending to take one or two pictures. When she was all settled she gave me a sign and I knew it was all up to me now. It was my time to go down on my knees and propose…”

Lisa and AdityaPhotographed by Andrea in Positano for Flytographer

“On the day of the proposal, we spent the afternoon relaxing at the beach (right where I would end up proposing that evening) and soaking in the glorious Positano sun. It was much needed given we had walked tens of miles the previous days exploring the streets of Rome. That night, I had a dinner reservation at Zass (highly recommend) followed by a private boat to Capri the following morning that would be the perfect way to celebrate a successful proposal. That evening, after we got ready for dinner, I nervously escorted Lisa down to the beach for some “sunset photos and a drink” and once we got to the “spot” with the breathtaking backdrop of the Positano hillside and the serenity of the sea to our right…”

Crystal and RyanPhotographed by Martina in Copenhagen for Flytographer

“I traveled around the world (literally) just for this proposal. My girlfriend decided last minute to travel around Europe with her family, and the last leg was in Copenhagen. This meant I had 3 weeks to plan it! After some research (combination of Google and Instagram) I nailed down the most picturesque location in the Botanical garden. The most complicated portion was that I had to somehow fly from LA to Hong Kong to pick up the engagement ring, and from there land in Copenhagen and meet at the location before 10am to surprise my fiancée (I had to coordinate with her parents to do this). So after almost 3 days of traveling, multiple flight cancellations and delays, I finally landed in Copenhagen…”

Jordan and TristanPhotographed by Krystal in Paris for Flytographer

“I took her to trocadero, telling her we were going to a fancy breakfast restaurant in the area. I proceeded to call her over to the stairs for us to take a selfie which was the cue for Krystal (our Flytographer) to be a friendly tourist and ask if we’d like her to take the photo of us and then ask if it would be okay to take some photos of us for her portfolio. I then kissed my now fiance, told her I loved her, and then proposed. She was completely surprised and immediately burst into tears of joy.”

Maria and DeanPhotographed by Lucas in Kyoto for Flytographer

“Dean and I were planning a trip to Japan and it just so happened to fall on our one year anniversary. He kept hinting that he was going to propose in Greece later that summer so I was completely blinded at the fact that he had actually planned the proposal for Japan. Dean contacted Flytographer to capture the moment and it was literally the best decision he ever made (after asking me to be his wife of course)…”

Juliana and TatiPhotographed by Kimonas in Santorini by Flytographer

“I began planning my proposal to Tati months before we embarked on our trip to Greece. I knew this moment had to be perfect. I hired a photographer Flytographer and began looking for the ring. Once I found the ring, I was informed the ring was no longer available and there was only 2 left. I was in a bidding war with a stranger, who happened to be Tati, for the SAME RING! After a few weeks of going back and forth with the ring company, it arrived at the house. I asked Tati’s mom to hide the ring for me, without knowing Tati had asked her to do the same!”

Alisha and RaviPhotographed by Elisenda in Washington D.C. for Flytographer

We have had a long-distance relationship and every time we see each other, we connect so easily. We share the same values, sense of humor, and goals in life. I surprised her with a Reel Viewer with selected pictures of us that had meaning, each with a caption. The last picture had the caption “Will you be my wife?” And when she looked up I was on one knee…”

Megan and NathanPhotographed by Olga in Paris for Flytographer

“About a year after we started talking we decided to go see Europe just for a fun trip. I decided Europe would be the best place to ask her, specifically Paris surrounded by gorgeous architecture and lush gardens. Our trip was just after our 1-year of dating so the timing could not have been any better either. As an art student, I’ve wanted to see Paris for years and share it with the woman I love most so aside from the fact that it’s the “City of Love”, I felt it was the perfect place to pop the question..”

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