Around the World Marriage Proposals: Our Favorite Proposals Abroad

If proposing marriage to the one you love isn’t beautiful enough, these aw-inspiring proposals from around the world are even more swoon-worthy. We’ve seen our fair share of destination proposals and rounded up a few of our favorites below.

The big question is…. do destination proposals come with destination weddings too?!

1. Proposal in Greece – Julianne and Maik

Destination proposal_2

Maik’s way of tricking Julianne into  going to Greece without being suspicious was absolutely genius! Take note of his idea ladies and gentlemen: if you want to plan a surprise vacation, fake a contest at your local restaurant to “win a trip” to your country of choice.  We can only hope your destination will look as beautiful as this one.

Destination proposal_1

Photography: Dana Villas

2. Proposal in St. Thomas – Ben and Stephanie

Destination proposal_7

For a couple with many trips under their belt together, taking off to another destination would never set off a red flag. Ben was able to successfully surprise Stephanie on this private dinner cruise and propose with a sunset scene out of a movie.

For a girl who said she didn’t have nearly enough time to get ready for this date, she looks absolutely stunning to us.

Destination proposal_8

3. Proposal in Kenya – DJ and Brooke

While many people take luxury vacations for their proposal, this man did quite the opposite – proposing on a service trip to Kenya. DJ and Brooke met at a charity member recruit party and owed their future marriage to all the girls at the camp the two ended up volunteering for. Their sentimental audience could not be more excited for the happy couple if they tried.

Destination proposal_9

Videography: Firefly Imageworks

4. Proposal in Colombia – Michelle and John

Destination proposal_10

A message to all men soon proposing: When getting down on one knee at a beach, keep in mind your positioning. Your girlfriend might be more focused on making sure you don’t get taken away by a giant wave, sort of like Michelle was.

In the end, it wasn’t the place that made her cry tears of joy, the horseback ride they took to get to the beach, or even how nervous John was while he was asking. What did make Michelle cry? The way that John had taken the time to ask for her dad’s permission. That’s an A+ in our books too, Michelle!

5. Proposal in Thailand – Brina and Rafael

Destination proposal_13

Every couple’s proposal includes figurative fireworks, but this lucky lady literally had them too. If the sandy beach, private dinner, or ocean-side view wasn’t romantic enough, Rafael even set off “Marry Me?” sparklers to pop the question. Her response, though not delivered via sparklers, was of course a yes!

Destination proposal_12

Photography: Cherry May Ward

6. Proposal in Dubai – Nikki and Jim

Destination proposal_14

What is cuter than a truly surprise proposal? Especially if your boyfriend flew all the way to Dubai, where you were for a business trip, to do so! Because she was there for work, she never (ever, ever, ever) expected to find her boyfriend waiting for her in the middle of her trip. Little did she know that he had worked the whole proposal out with everyone ahead of time. Let’s talk about a serious surprise!

Destination proposal_15

Photography:  Anika London 

7. Proposal in Ireland – Meagan and Michael

Destination proposal_16

The story of how these two met – while they both played in the Notre Dame band – is honestly music to our ears. Being such die-hard Notre Dame fans, the two decided to head to Ireland for the big Notre Dame v. Navy game. During this trip, Michael proposed at a place Meagan had always wanted to go to – the Cliffs of Moher. 

The best part of it all? As part of the proposal surprise, Michael had already booked Meagan’s dream wedding location! Prince Charming, is that you?

Destination proposal_17

8. Proposal in Paris – Amanda and Adam

Destination proposal_19

These high school sweethearts are adorable, and so is their engagement on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.  Adam’s idea to put a personalized lock on the bridge may seem simple, but it brought Amanda to tears – the happy kind that we go nuts over.  We can just see these two going back to Paris for an anniversary, finding their special lock, and reliving the moment over and over again!

Destination proposal_20

 And now…. the proposal that wins the award for distance (and cuteness) – this proposal in Antarctica!

Destination proposal_3

Really now, how many people can say they had penguins as their witnesses?!

Destination proposal_4

After tackling him, we’ve got a yes, folks!

Destination proposal_6

Photos by Rebecca Yale

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