This Proposal Will 100% Make You Cry


How we met

I had been a part of Aletheia Church’s worship ministry for about a year when Thomas showed up. I came in to band practice one day to two new faces. I was told that one of the new guys was married and the other one was engaged. When I met the first one I saw the wedding ring and didn’t see it on Thomas’s so I assumed he was the one that was engaged. I learned later that this was a huge miscommunication to me but it worked out for me in the end! I don’t really remember much else about that evening out of the ordinary, but a few days later he asked to be my friend on Facebook and I saw that he was, in fact, not engaged. He had also made a Facebook group or event of some sort to get everyones phone numbers since he had gotten a new phone. When I saw it on my feed I thought I had been invited to it and so I gave him my number simply because he was new to the worship team and it may be good for communication purposes. (I later realized that I had NOT been invited to this group and had just seemingly to Thomas, thrown my number out there…which he was surprised, but happy about!)

I discovered that he had a motorcycle (one of my favorite things) and commented on it one day and about a week later he asked if I wanted to go on a motorcycle ride. I was at work at the time and wasn’t getting off until 8pm. He said he could still come by and pick me up once I got home, so I agreed. By the time I got home and he had brought the bike over it was completely dark outside. For some reason that did not deter us and we went on a ride out around town. We were sitting at a stop light and I realized that I honestly did not know this guy hardly at all. I asked him “Hey, at some point would you tell me your story?” and he agreed and immediately drove to the closest place with tables outside (Which happened to be Qdoba Mexican Grill) and we sat down. I asked him to tell me about himself, and that started a 4 hour long conversation outside Qdoba. I asked him to tell me about himself first and so he started sharing about his life, his beliefs, his plans, etc. I was surprised how similar we both were and yet I hadn’t told him hardly anything about myself. At one point, while I was listening to him, something in my head said “You’re going to marry this man” which I immediately thought was RIDICULOUS considering I had only known him for about a week and only talked to him for an hour and couldn’t have said if I even liked him or not, so I pushed it aside. 4 hours later, long after Qdoba had closed, we were still talking. He took me home and 2 days later he asked me to go on a first date to the Bistro in Staunton, VA. I had never had more fun on a date in my whole life. The thought “You’re gonna marry this man” has popped into my head numerous times over the past two years, and I have never changed my mind.

how they asked

It was Mothers Day Sunday, May 11, 2014. It also happened to be the last Sunday for Gabe, our drummer, in Harrisonburg because he was moving to one of our church plants in College Park, Maryland. I had been told weeks prior to this that we were going to have one of our friends record video and audio from this service so that we could put it on our new website (to give examples of some of the songs we play and create some visuals for the worship team) which I thought was a great idea! My now fiancé was the leader this particular sunday and purposefully put some of the most talented musicians (and mostly our closest friends) on this sunday to play in honor of our friend leaving. One last hurrah! I was also scheduled to work from 1-8pm that day because I work in a restaurant and Mothers Day is the busiest day of the year for us! I don’t work on Sundays usually but I definitely did not want to work on this day!

That morning I got up early and got ready for pre-worship practice. Once we all got there our friend Andrew was there to record the video and audio. We went all through the songs and all the while Andrew was recording people in the band. Practice ended and soon after the service started. We had the first set, the sermon, and then sang two final songs.



At the end of the service there are usually a few announcements which Jason (our other worship leader) began sharing. He started off by talking about Gabe and his move to college park and how we have appreciated all the years of service he has given to this church. At this point I noticed that Thomas had taken his guitar off much quicker than normal, but I just brushed it off.


Right as Jason finished, Thomas took his own microphone and said: “Jason, I have another announcement to make” and he immediately pointed at Gabe and he began to play. I had no idea what was going on and just assumed they were going to have a mini-jam session with Gabe before he left.


Thomas told the audience if they knew the song to sing along (all the while I can’t quite determine what song it is) and he started to sing the chorus of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands: Still Into You by Paramore. “I should be over all the butterflies, but I’m into you. Yeah baby even on our worst nights, I’m into you. Let them wonder how we got this far, but I don’t really need to wonder at all, After all this time, I’m still into you.” As soon as he sang “I should be over all the butterflies” I KNEW what was happening.







As you can see from the pictures/video, I was absolutely shocked. After he finished the chorus he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, of course to which I said yes!!!









Immediately after that my entire family came up on stage (that I didn’t know was there!) and all of our other family and friends from the area who had hidden themselves amongst the congregation so I wouldn’t see them. We laughed and cried and celebrated and I was then told that I did not have to work that day and instead I was going to a surprise engagement party! It was such a great day :) The Aletheia Band was the reason we met in the first place and it was great to get engaged doing the same thing we were doing when we met. I loved having everyone there that I care so deeply about be able to witness it and celebrate with us together! He thought of every single detail and did a FANTASTIC job of surprising me!

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