This Proposal Puppy Just Won the Internet.

How we met

We first met in a high school Spanish class, he was a senior and I was a junior. All we did was talk all class and to this day neither of us know more than “Hola”. We lost touch for about 6 years and reconnected at the gym 2 years ago. I saw him a few times and told my best friend over and over I did not remember him being so good looking. I just couldn’t bring myself to speak to him because I’m too awkward. Well one day he literally made me talk to him. He stopped me as I was rushing out the door and we caught up for a few minutes and I left the gym with the biggest smile. I even went home to tell my mom who I saw and I couldn’t get rid of that smile. Long story short, we talked off and on and he kept asking to hang out but I just wasn’t ready for a relationship.

A few months later on Easter Sunday after not speaking since that February, out of nowhere, he messaged me like we had never stopped talking. He sent me a music video of “she ain’t ready” by Luke Combs. I never gave him the clue that I wasn’t ready unless he just assumed but it was the first of many moments in our relationship that made me love him. I left for a beach trip the next day and when I came home on April 2nd, we went on our first date. I don’t remember every being so nervous for anything before. Immediately after I got in the truck and we began talking I felt like we had been dating for years. While on the date I sent a snap chat to my friend and said “he’s the one”. I never went on a first date again.

He came into my life when I needed him most. I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and he’s the best example I have that proves it. He came into my life almost immediately after I had gotten out of a terrible relationship. I didn’t know what it felt like to truly be loved and he made me feel like I was on top of the world. He’s a true southern gentleman. Opening up doors for me, gripping my dads hand in a handshake, walking up to my door to pick me up for a date. I don’t know why it took so long before we reconnected but God had a plan and it worked out for the best because I get to spend forever with the best guy.

how they asked

All I knew of that day was that we were planning on spending it with our friends. I got up and got dressed and drove to him. His truck was out of commission so we were in his dads truck which had NO AIR CONDITIONING. We ended up at the place we had our first date which really confused me because it was the opposite direction of our friends house and we hadn’t been there in well over a year. We ate lunch and then he said we were going to their house (finally). We drove for what felt like forever… in a hot truck… In August. I had to roll the windows down and once we were on the interstate it got a bit windy and all of a sudden a towel flew up to the front and I looked in the backseat and saw long stem sunflowers and just smiled.

We made eye contact and he knew that I saw them but we both pretended that it didn’t happen. (Back story: my grandfather died 8 months prior to this and sunflowers were his favorite. I remember growing up and watching him tend to his sunflower garden every summer so they are really special to me and my family).

After a 30 minute drive we head down a dirt road to a wedding venue, one I had jokingly said “I’d love to get married here someday” once before. And I knew. I couldn’t cry but my smile was bigger than life. I jumped out of that truck so fast and walked to the barn door COMPLETELY missing the sweetest line of signs written out just for me.

He put our first song lyrics in his own words on these signs. He opened the barn doors for me after making me read each sign and I looked at the ground and just sobbed because I saw the tiniest baby pup on the floor.

I picked her up and turned around and he was on one knee. He said my full name and asked me to be his wife. Now I’m a dog Mom and a future wife and my life couldn’t be better.

Special Thanks