Emily and Nathan's Proposal on "Their Bench"


How We Met: Nathan and I met 4 years ago at a Christian Camp. He was in the band and I was a leader. We reconnected last summer and knew pretty quickly that we were meant to be.

how they asked: Nathan started off the day by taking me on all of our favorite dates. We went to my favorite breakfast place, mini golf, a brewery tour, and then a movie. On our first date we sat on a bench at an outdoor shopping area and talked for hours. After the movie he asked if I would like to go take a picture on “our bench”. When we got to the bench, there were tulips (my favorite flower) and a sign that said “Reserved for Emily and Nathan” with a bunch of our pictures on it. He then pulled out the ring box and told me that this was where we had our first date and where was going to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him! Turns out he still had a few surprises! My sister who is a photographer was hiding in the bushes sneaking some pictures, which he knew I would love! He then told me we had a reservation at Rock Bottom for the two of us to celebrate. When we walked in, a bunch of my friends, my family, and his parents who drove in from Kansas to surprise me were all there! The whole thing was perfectly planned!

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Photographer: Katherine Bishop