Savannah and Mark's Proposal on the Anniversary of her Father's Passing

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How we met: It was January of 2013 and I going to give online dating a try after getting out of a 2 year relationship. I didn’t know how to “date” as I’ve only had 2 serious relationship, one lasting nearly 7 years starting senior year of high school, so I tried online dating a try. After receiving countless messages from losers with the “one liners” consisting of “Hey! How are you?” I received a message from a handsome man named Mark. Right of the bat I noticed he put effort into his long message to me and had fully read my profile. He later told me a picture of myself shooting a pistol, which sparked his interested as we had a common hobby. We had exchanged numbers and never went a day without talking since.

how they asked: My heart is heavy every 11/16 as this is the day my father killed himself back in 2001. I was only 15 years old and growing up without a father and a stressed single mom who had her own problems, I learned to pull through and grow into a strong independent woman. Although over the years I’ve accepted what happened and only can celebrate his life on this day now.

So on Sunday 11/16/2014, Mark and I had found our perfect first home together and would be closing the following Friday. I was in California the week before and he said we had plans to meet our realtor and his sister at the house on Sunday to do a thorough walk through and take pictures of any damage the previous owners may have done moving out.

Sunday came along and we met his sister and the realtor at the house. We had walked through for a while checking out every part of the house. His sister brought me over to the bathroom sink and said to make sure we check all the sinks for leaks. Mark went to check out the kitchen sink and said “Savannah, come here.” I was worried he found a leak and ran over and knelt down to look under the sink. He pulled out a little black box and showed me the ring. I was in shock!

I was so frozen I was kneeling down and Mark told me to stand up as he was the only one supposed to be kneeling! He then asked me to be his wife and I gladly accepted. After celebrating and gazing at the ring with his sister and his realtor, he whispered in my ear saying “I know this day is hard for you because you lost your dad on this day, but now you’ve also gained a future husband who will take care of you for the rest of your life. ”

I lost it. The fact that he put so much thought into proposing in our future home and making this day a little brighter for years to come, means the world to me.

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After celebrating with his parents, we stopped at my fathers’ grave that afternoon. Marked talked to him as if he was standing in front of him telling him he asked for my had in marriage and saying that he would take care of me for years to come. I lost it again. My father would approves and would appreciate everything that Mark has done for me.

Come to find out him and his sister planned this months before. Mark knew it would be this day a year ago, when he knew how much pain I felt on this day. It will now only be a bittersweet day. I am so grateful to have received that message from Mark back in January 2013 and be apart of his family now. I so excited to start our next chapter in life together!