Christiana and Paul's Proposal In the Middle of a New York Street During Rush Hour

how they asked: We often commute to work together in the morning and say goodbye every time at a specific corner where we go our separate ways. One morning during our routine commute, we gave each other a smooch and parted ways as usual, but then I suddenly heard him calling out to me afterwards. I turned around and saw him running toward me with tears in his eyes.

I was startled and worried and wondered what the hell had happened to him. Then all I remember is him saying something along the lines of “I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” and I blacked out in the middle of a New York street during rush hour and FELL DOWN.

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What bowled me over the most was that after nearly five years of dating, he still was able to tap into the most simple, boring, humble, mundane of moments, and turn that ordinary occasion into something extraordinary.