Linda and Tim's Proposal in the Middle of a Marathon

Image 1 of Linda and Tim's Proposal in the Middle of a MarathonHow We Met: Tim and I met on in January 2014. Our love of running was our common bond. Although he had a major National Cross Country Championships the next morning, we decided to meet at London Bridge Station’s Platform 13 for drinks and dinner on the Thames. After a little difficulty (maybe it was the nerves!) with me trying to find platform 13 while standing at platform 12, we finally met in person. It was instant smiles and attraction. He whisked me away from the station through the rain and towards a riverfront restaurant. Halfway to the restaurant, Tim realised he should put us in a cab to save me turning into a drowned rat (perhaps it was his nerves!) and having no cash (as he never carries cash), we got to the restaurant and I paid the cab. Needless to say it was a memorable start, and for some reason, none of what happened in our first 20 minutes put us off about each other. What was suppose to be a brief meeting that evening, we ended up spending the whole time laughing and talking until closing, and carried on all night talking and laughing until the sun rose.

how they asked: Nobody knew of Tim’s plans. Not his family and not even his best friend. He apparently had planned this for months and chose his debut in the 2015 British and England Championships at the London Marathon to make it a super special day for us both. That day the support crew and I chased Tim around the London Marathon route to ensure he had the best debut run ever. Tim started really strong and was on pace to completed well below his targeted time of under 3 hours. When we met up with him at mile 21, he stopped in front of me.

We all went silent, fearing the worse. Then he handed me something shiny. I thought he had found a lost item along the way, and needed me to turn it in….. Then he asked me a question I didn’t expect for years to come….I of course said yes, we gave each other a big hug and kiss and sent him on his way….with a 41 second proposal break, he finished in a cool 2 hrs 53 minutes with absolute jubilation for more than just finishing the marathon!

Image 2 of Linda and Tim's Proposal in the Middle of a Marathon

Video by: Jennifer Beavers-Cillier