Shannon and Kevin's Proposal in the Dominican Republic

Kevin and I met at Western Michigan University during our Junior year. We were introduced to each other through mutual friends, and our relationship blossomed from there on, leaving us inseparable.

Proposal in the Dominican Republic

how they asked: We were on our first vacation together, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We had meaning to get away to somewhere tropical and warm for months, so when March arrived we were ready to relax and enjoy our time together. On our first day on the island, we realized right away that we were one of the few English speaking couples on the resort, and had trouble communicating to others, even the staff. I love photography, and taking pictures, so when I would approach other vacationers to ask them to take a picture of Kevin and I together, they had difficulty understanding us due to the language barrier.

So Kevin and I ended up having to take “selfies” of each other while on the island, which, by the way is very much  unflattering. Kevin suggested to hire the photographer on the resort; they offered a free photo session, and if you wanted to purchase images, you had the option to do so, so we figured why not .

The next morning we had met with our photographer. The photographer had us posing together all over the island, in front of tropical flowers, in the grass, under the Cabana, etc. We had made our way down to the ocean, and the photographer directed me to pose beside the water, and act as if I were a statue staring up at the sky, which was slightly awkward because there were a lot of people on the beach. The photographer kept yelling “Eyes closed, Eyes closed”, which naturally would cause me to peek, and open my eyes, and as I did I saw Kevin posing in front of me on his knee, which then I said “Oh, Hi honey”, and went back into my pose.

It didn’t hit me that he was on his knee proposing until, he reached for my hand. Just then a wave came rolling in, and the tears came rolling down. I couldn’t stop crying, and shaking. We were so very happy, and still are. We enjoyed the rest of our vacation as an engaged couple. And lets just say, the only thing I was taking pictures of then, was my shiny, new engagement ring!

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