Dan and Seanie's Proposal in the Bahamas

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how we met

One night around a year ago I had some friends drag me out for a guys night out. I didn’t particularly feel like going out but they talked me into it. We went to a sports bar and had a table and everyone was drinking and I was trying to get into the spirit but wasn’t really into it. Two tables down there was a table full of girls which I would later find out was a girls night out. Well at the end of the table and in my eye line was this really beautiful girl. I could tell she got dragged out that night as well. We kept looking at each other then finally we started rolling our eyes at what our respective tables were doing and making faces at one another. Silently having our own little conversation by making faces at one another. After about 30 minutes of this I made the motion of throwing a dart to see if she wanted to get away from the group and play. To my surprise she did. From there we started talking and just hit off. The next 6 months flew by and we both realized very quickly we were made for each other.

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how they asked

So one day she told me she’d never been on a real vacation to a white sandy beach and just wanted to sit on a beach and drink a coconut drink, so I started looking into a trip to the Bahamas. I got it all set up and her friends started to tell her that I was doing all this to propose. I wasn’t at first…

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So by the time she convinced them all that it was just a vacation I decided it would be the perfect time because she would never expect it! I looked up Lyndah Wells and told her of my plans, she was excited to help, and the rest is history.

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I was able to catch her in a fairytale moment during sunset on a tropical beach in a different country, and I put the cherry on top by proposing.

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Special Thanks

Lyndah Wells Photography
 | photographer