Jenna and David's Proposal in Santorini

How we met: Dave and I met in the last month of University in 2010. He grew up with a mutual friend who I had recently become really close to and we went out one night and he was impressed with my music taste (still is to this day, obviously!!). After hanging out for a while I still would not call him my boyfriend until a couple months later – best decision I ever made!!

We lived in Toronto, Canada for 3.5 years before Dave received an opportunity to move to Zurich, Switzerland for work. So in January 2014 we decided to take the plunge and have been here ever since!!

how they asked: My oh my, how do I begin to tell the story of one of the craziest days ever!?

Dave and I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland and he often has to go into work really early for meetings or to get work done. The week of October 6th, Dave gave me a heads up that on Friday the 10th, he would have to go in to work around 6am in order to meet with a partner. I, of course did not think anything differently until the morning of. Dave went to work like usual but at 6:20am there was an alarm going off in the front hall of our apartment. I walked out to see what was going on (actually I believe I sounded like a grumpy old man and said “What in heavens name is that noise and why is it waking me up??). When I reached the hallway, I found an alarm clock, a photo album and a suitcase that had three envelopes inside. I had no idea what was going on so took the three envelopes and photo albums into the bedroom and sat down to read them. Like a silly person, I looked through the photo album first and found pictures printed of the last 1.5 year of our life while being in Switzerland. Each photo had a description of the memory attached to it and what it meant to us as a couple. The photos included pictures of when friends/family came to visit as well as the many travels we have had since moving. There was a hint in one of the letters that stated to make sure I paid attention to the small details of the photos. After gawking over them and reminiscing BIG TIME for quite a while I opened the envelope and discovered I had one hour to get to the airport and the details of where I had to check in! I opened the suitcase and found an itemized list of things he had packed for me for the trip and some additional details of what I needed to bring. So after running around like a chicken with my head cut off I headed to the airport.

Once at the airport, I checked into my flight and while there discovered my final destination was Santorini, Greece!! Dave and I have been travelling quite a bit in the last year but Greece has always been top of my list so needless to say I was PUMPED to the max. Before I received my tickets from the attendant, he gave me a second photo book with more pictures/memories that also included another letter with more details stating I would be picked up by somebody in Santorini and that I would be seeing him soon.

After connecting through Athens, I finally arrived in Santorini at about 5pm. I walked out of the small airport and saw a jolly fellow holding a sign with my name on it and a photographer. He led me to a limo and I awkwardly asked if I should sit in the front seat with him because I panicked – he obviously said NO and that I had to sit in the back where my last clue would be. On the seat was my last photo album of memories and a final letter explaining to me that I was near the end and not to be bashful of the photographer. Now, one thing I need to explain is that when Dave and I moved to Switzerland, he started a separate Instagram account called “Yennaineurope” where he took photos of me in different locations and then put the country name or city name in the photo. So in this last photo book was every picture he had posted to that Instagram since January 2014. At the end was a final Instagram saying “Every letter with a country’s flag inside” and a pen instructing me to solve the riddle..

Proposal in Santorini

I’m sitting in the car, and there is a CD playing with all of “our songs” playing (2 sappy and one rap song – the one he was impressed with when we first met). As I go through all of the pictures and start spelling it out, I realize it says “Will you marry me?” with the final picture being a blank photo with “Santorini Greece?” as the label. Once I sort this out, I am dropped off and escorted with my bags to the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen and open a door and see Dave standing there. Our favourite song is playing in the background and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!!! The best part is he had his own camera on a tripod filming the whole thing and the photographer that was with me in the car was there was well!! After losing my mind and saying yes he began to fill me in on all of the little white lies he has had to tell me since OCTOBER OF 2013!!!! Just pure craziness!!

Proposal in Santorini

After what was arguably the best day of my life followed by a great night of dinner and drinks overlooking Santorini, I awoke the next morning to a knock on the door. Dave pushed me to go open it saying we received breakfast each morning but when I got to the door my mom and dad were there waiting for me!!! Dave had planned and snuck around with them since May to get them there from Toronto, Canada to celebrate our engagement with us! Needless to say I was a sobbing lunatic and I think my heart almost exploded from all of the emotions I was feeling!!! I am very close with my family and always knew it would be difficult if Dave and I got engaged while living in Switzerland – but boy did this ever solve that problem!!!

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL couple of days to say the least and I could not have asked for anything more. I was definitely impressed with how well my family and Dave could trick me.. either that or I am way too gullible!!