Alesha and Scott's Proposal in Riviera Maya

How We Met: Hm, I guess you could say he’s the boy next door! I’ve known Scotty since I was 2 years old. His parents and my parents have been neighbors since 1991 and still there to this day.

I was in college sobbing over a recent breakup when the almighty Facebook messenger kicks in and Scotty sends me a quick message to see how I am. Of course I’m a wreck and he seems to take pity on me a bit. He asks if I would like to hang out with him and a couple friends that weekend, and I take him up on it (I think he was just trying to be nice, and hoping I would actually say no…). Either way, we met up and had a great time together. We’ve honestly been hanging out ever since. 5 and a half years strong!

how they asked: Scotty and I love to travel. We love to take quick vacations to see friends and family as well as hangout in coach on an airplane for 9 hours and travel Europe and abroad. Any chance we get to go somewhere, we take it!

Scotty called to tell me that his best friend scored a sweet deal for a vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico if he could get 2 more couples to attend. Of course we say yes, and we are off to Mexico for a great 5 day vacation with 4 of our closest friends.

On July 10th, the girls decided we should do a ‘night on the town’, get really dressed up and hit the downtown spots. They explained that if we are going to do this, we have to be ready in an hour or so. I scramble to get ready (I had been drinking since the AM, hello? all-inclusive resort. duh) So I try to go to steal a nap before we go and Scotty is pushing me to hurry for some weird reason. He usually is never in a hurry to get anywhere, especially on vacation!

Anyway, I get up and start to get ready when my friend knocks on the door and tells me that there are sea turtles down by the end of the beach. I am a HUGE animal lover and everyone knows it. So this puts my rear in gear to hurry up, get dressed and get down to the beach before we have to leave!

Scotty and I, and the 2 other couples hurry down to the beach ASAP. I’m walking as fast as I can to see those precious sea turtles and all of a sudden Scotty is walking at snail pace. I’m trying to hurry him up and then he falls on a rock on the beach. Awesome. I ask if he’s ok and seems to be fine, but still walking really slow.

Anyway, we finally get down to the end of the beach and I realize that our friends are gone. Weird, right? Scotty turns to me, gives me a kiss, tells me he loves me and gets down on one knee! I honestly can’t remember a thing he said because I was so shocked and excited.

He opens a box to the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and I’m floored. I’m also noticing that there is a photographer just clicking away like crazy!

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I was so happy and shocked I didn’t even realize that there were people up top cheering for us! I finally turn to acknowledge these random people that saw me get engaged, so I give them a give wave and a smile and turn back to Scotty. Scotty tells me, “Look behind you,” like I didn’t already acknowledge these random people, but I’m too happy to care. So I turn back around and realize that these random people are my  friends and family! He flew in my sister and brother-in-law as well as about 8 of our closest friends!


Shocked yet AGAIN, I just hug everyone and I’m so filled with love and humility to see these people that have come so far to celebrate us. We are so grateful to have such amazing people in our lives and people that can keep a dang good secret! I had no idea… Best day of my life so far. I’ll let you know how that wedding thing turns out.

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Photography:  Bicoastal Images
Travel agent:  Foerster Travel