Proposal in Paris

Does a proposal in Paris get any more romantic? How about one at the Eiffel Tower?

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How We Met: Ironically we met in 2010 like most young Atlanta singles in Buckhead one summer night at the East Andrews Fountain area- (a local summer spot ). We dated for a while both newly out of long term relationships and it being summer we decided to break things off for a bit. We kept the lines of communication open and eventually decided why aren’t we together again? John took a job with a military company Fluor overseas in Afghanistan. We had such a unique pull towards one another the distance wasn’t going to stop us from trying. I’ve had the opportunity to take amazing trips with him on his R and R breaks throughout his time in Afghanistan. We had planned a trip to Europe in March 2013 and I was so excited having never been… Little did I know this trip was going to pan out much differently than I thought…

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how they asked: John kept telling me I could take a picture of the Eiffel Tower from the plane (loves to get me worked up) and that we had to get on a plane as soon as I landed. He said we were going to Budapest, that he didn’t want to even stay one night in Paris which is the airport we had to meet in. I hadn’t seem him in over two months. So I was a little sad but wasn’t letting it ruin Europe! He said right before my plane took off from Atlanta that I lucked out- plane delayed until the next day which meant one night in Paris! We ran and saw every thing that night, had dinner at a quintessential cafe and had the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower in our room for the night. He said he wanted to get up early take a good picture before we left and the courtyard got crowded of us with the Eiffel Tower background.. Made sense we had to get to the airport by 9am. I got dressed, forgetting all hopes of engagement thought nothing of this! We walked calmly to the square with the gorgeous view and sunrise ahead… He explained we weren’t going to Budapest at all- but spending 2 days in Paris and then taking a car to the south of France stopping at all the winery’s and dream sights! We would end in Nice and French Riviera! This was amazing I thought and hugged him, he all of a sudden seemed serious and my stomach dropped.. This is about to happen I thought… Telling myself my best friends words of wisdom ” you are going to blackout try to remember what he says when he proposes one day” she was right. John dropped to a knee opened the box and I was amazed. I said Yes! Grabbed him and kissed! Once I came to he explained this had been months of planning and Pierre, who was approaching us had captured the entire moment. Not only that, he was taking us on a 3 hour engagement shoot in Paris! We had a wonderful 10 days of bliss and even though he is back overseas I am the luckiest girl in the world. We have a wedding date set of May 3 2014 and he is home for good and safe soon. I was reminded of the move he’s not that into you- sometimes we aren’t the rule, we are the exception. I was proposed to at the Eiffel Tower by the man of my dreams John Clayton.

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Photos by Paris Photographer Pierre Torset