Most Beautiful Proposal Ever (in Oahu!)


How We Met, told by Travis: I am originally from Marietta, GA and moved to Arizona in late summer of 2006. I met Breana through mutual friends the following year. We were friends for a very short amount of time and I actually took her to the shooting range for our first date. It was a fun and exciting first date and, believe it or not, she is actually a great shot. I knew then that I had a keeper on my hands.

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The Proposal: Bre and I both had discussed how we wanted a quiet and private proposal but when I got to Hawaii and met Sarah (a photographer) I thought it was fate at that point. To have the opportunity to capture that moment in pictures was too great to pass up and Sarah is so friendly and nice I knew that having her and Brent (her husband) there wasn’t going to ruin any of my plans – only make it better. We asked Bre about the couples shoot that Sarah and Brent offered to do for us in Hawaii and she was all for it. The four of us took a hike into a park on the north shore of Oahu. The hike lead to a beautiful waterfall and natural lagoon with rain forest all around. Sarah got some amazing shots of us in front of the waterfall.

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I had planned the entire time to ask her on the beach at sunset. I know that doesn’t seem like the most original idea but it was a beach that we hadn’t seen a single person on the entire week we had been in Oahu. This day was no different. Sarah and Brent allowed us to get to the beach ahead of them so I could set up a little picnic. I had brought some Champagne and strawberries for Bre and I, which didn’t provide her with any additional suspense since I told her it was our last night in Oahu I wanted to share a romantic sunset picnic with her. Sarah arrived and proceeded with some additional shots, even with bad lighting and not the most beautiful beach.

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We had planned it out that I would give Sarah a signal that I was about to get on one knee. I was so nervous I forgot what the signal was and just mouthed it to her in the middle of a shot where I was walking behind Bre.

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Luckily she didn’t turn around and as we stopped our fake walk, I grabbed her hands and told her that true love stories never have endings but they do have beginnings, and that I loved her more than anything in the world and couldn’t imagine my life without her and then I got down on one knee. To be honest I had a much longer speech planned but it never works out that way and I felt like I rushed through what I did happen to say. She started crying and I picked her up. Truly, the best moment of my life.

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Photos by Sarah DeShaw