Carriage Ride Proposal in Louisville

engagedHow We Met: Brandon and I met in one of our college classes at the University of Kentucky. We had the same major and instantly clicked when placed in the same group in our Persuasion class. He asked me to be his date to his fraternity’s date party and I have never had so much fun. We later went to the Luke Bryan concert later in February and the rest is history!

how they asked: My parents told me we were going to downtown Louisville to grab dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. My Mom told me to dress nicely, and she also took me to get my nails done a few days before for my “first day of work”. Little did I know it was NOT for my first day of work! We drove downtown for dinner and a horse drawn carriage was sitting outside of the restaurant (I had told Brandon the day before that I had never ridden one!) My parents told me to take a picture on the carriage so I did, then my mom handed me a present and said “Enjoy the ride!” I had no idea what was going on and I was terrified! I opened up the present and it was a book, made ALL by Brandon (super impressive) of pictures of us and little notes. The last page of the book said “P.S. Say Yes”. I knew what was coming and I was so shocked! The carriage took me to the waterfront where his and my family were waiting with a pink rose. They told me he was waiting down by the river, it was a long way so the walk felt like forever. There, I met him and he proposed! It was a perfect day!

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