Proposal at The Turkish Steps in Italy

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How we met: Most people have adorable stories of how they met their boyfriends or girlfriends, however, our story is pretty simple. Joey and I went to the same high school in a small town in KY. We always knew of each other because we went to a school of less than 500. I always say Joey in the halls and at lunch and always thought he was cute but I was a year and a half older than him so at the time I just honestly couldn’t see myself dating him, but because of mutual friends who knew I thought Joey was quite the stud they ending up hooking us up and we began spending lots and lots of time together until we eventually became inseparable. I finally then saw how truly sweet and generous Joey was and realized that age doesn’t matter when you find that special one. We were high school sweethearts and “that couple” everyone was either making fun of for being “whipped” and in “love” or jealous of because they wished they had a relationship like ours. I went to college and Joey was still in high school we weren’t really sure what was going to happen but we had faith and our love was strong enough to pull through and to this day we keep falling more and more in love with one another.

how they asked: Joey surprised me on Valentine’s day of 2013 by telling me that me, him, and his dad would be going to Italy for 3 weeks in May. Joey’s dad is a full blooded Sicilian (however is mom is American) and Joey has half brothers and sisters in Italy that he had never met before and he wanted me to come meet them as well. I was so excited!

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We toured all over Italy from Milan to Rome and Sicily making once in a lifetime memories with the love of my life. I couldn’t have been happier (or so I thought) One special morning on May 24th, 2013, we went to a beach in Siculiana, Sicily which was walking distance from the hotel we were staying in! We spent that morning walking on the beach and admiring the sea as well as searching for rocks and shells to take back home (because I was obsessed with finding “treasures”) We then ate breakfast and got ready for another adventure. We drove to a restaurant on a different beach to eat some lunch (and the food was simply amazing!). After lunch, I wanted to look for more shells! So we spent the afternoon at yet another gorgeous beach and shared some gelato while watching the waves before we left. Joey’s dad told me that we would next be going to Scala Dei Turchi (The Turkish Steps) and I was very excited because they could see The Turkish Steps afar from their hotel and had seen pictures of it on the internet.

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We climbed and walked until we finally made it to the top! It was amazing! The view was absolutely breathtaking! Just like all the other places we had stopped previously throughout our trip I of course wanted a picture with my boyfriend. Joey and I stood together close to the edge and smiled as his dad took their picture. After the picture had been taken I began to walk away to look at the view of the other side, when Joey then grabbed my hand and said “Kamon, wait” and as I turned around I found my best friend and soul mate down on one knee.

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Image 8 of Proposal at The Turkish Steps in ItalyCompletely in shock, I began to cry before Joey could even get the words “Will you marry me?” out, but I was able to mutter yes throughout the tears.

Joey’s dad snapped pictures throughout the entire proposal and was so proud for his son & I was so grateful he captured this amazing moment! It was nothing short of perfect


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