Kara and Frank's Marriage Proposal in Ireland

Image 1 of Kara and Frank's Marriage Proposal in IrelandAside from being at the same random house parties in college together (seen left), Frank and I truly “first met” in the Fine Arts Building at SUNY Oneonta in the Fall of 2008. We were both signed up to audition for the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. I was to read for the Queen and Frank was assigned to read for the King. Initally, my first thought of Frank was that he was really LOUD…but cute. I was dating someone at the time, so I wasn’t thinking of him in any other way than a nice guy to audition with.

After a few months, we were both cast in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, finished that show, I broke up with my boyfriend, we were both cast in another show together called Sweet Charity, and I had also been cast in an opera that was going on at the same time as Sweet Charity. I continued to think Frank was cute, and was becoming pretty attracted to him — but he seemed to be wrapped up with other people, and I didn’t think he really noticed me, so I kind of just gawked at him from afar.

While rehearsing for the opera, we were told that we would be dedicating one of our rehearsals to learning how to waltz. I was nervous because I am not at all blessed with grace when it comes to dancing. Then, in walked Frank! I was like.. Hey! I know that guy! Come to find out, Frank was actually a Ballroom Teaching Assistant. So of course, I immediately became terrified because now I knew I would look like a complete doof trying to dance in front of him. Part of me wanted to dance with him because I liked him, but the other part of me was saying, “Kara, please, just spare yourself the embarrassment.” Well, wouldn’t you have it, we were paired us together! Having never waltzed a day in my life, I was no longer trembling with fear and mortification, but miraculously being swooped across the entire ballroom. It was then that I looked up into his beautiful green eyes, and realized that for the first time in my life, I had a boy literally “sweep me off my feet.”

We’ve been dancing through life together ever since.

how they asked: After dating for 4 years, moving in together, experiencing the excitement of life together, we decided it was about time to go on a vacation. A BIG vacation. So, Mr. Half Irish boy O’Rourke was pretty dead set on heading off to Ireland. I have family there, and have heard its spectacularly gorgeous in Ireland, so whats there to say no about?!

We bought our tickets, scheduled our hotels, rented our car, and counted down the days until our departure! Little did I know, Frank was also counting down the days until he was able to ask me to be his wife..

We arrived in Dublin on May 17th, and immediately started our exploration! Pubs, shopping, music, you name it! It was everything we hoped it would be, and we were blissfully in love. After three days, we were to drive from Dublin to our next destination; Galway. Upon arriving in Galway, Frank and I immediately got a second wave of excitement and utter disbelief. We simply could not get over how GORGEOUS it was over there. On our first full day in Galway, we decided to go to the Cliffs of Moher. I had been dying to go, so off we went; winding terrifying roads and all — to the amazingly surreal and devastatingly gorgeous cliffs.

While we were there, Frank and I chose to go over the barrier (tons of others did the same) just so we could be a bit closer to the edge of the cliff. We wanted to find a nice patch of grass to sit and relax on while staring out into the water. When we started walking we chose to go towards the left where the four cliffs were in a row, rather than towards the right, where there was a tower you could climb overlooking the edge. The tower looked cool, but we would much rather walk on the cliff side. Occasionally we would stop and stare off into the water down below, completely mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

Once we walked about as far as we could go, I noticed that Frank was getting a bit antsy, ie. going into his backpack and sipping water, fooling with cameras, etc. He then told me that he wanted to ask someone to take a photo for us, which I thought was a great idea! Since we were pretty far away from the beginning of the trek point, there weren’t as many people walking near us, but finally a couple walked by and Frank asked for them to take our photo. As the man was giving Frank back the camera, Frank asked if he could please take one more picture. Smart guy, I thought! He knows how I like to have options in case the first picture didn’t turn out great.

But then I noticed Frank begin to rummage through his backpack. I remember asking him what the heck he was doing, feeling terrible for this poor guy waiting to take our picture, until I saw the black velvet box in my boys hand, realizing what was actually happening..

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Frank got down on one knee, looked into my eyes, and said the words that I have dreamt of hearing ever since I was a little girl.

“Kara Elizabeth, you are my best friend and I love you more than anything in the world. Would you do me the honor? Will you marry me?”

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Of course I said yes!

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