Proposal in Hoboken

How We Met: I met Ronnie my senior year of college. After graduation, he moved from PA to New Jersey to build his career and begin a life with me.

how they asked: On our 4 year anniversary we drove to Hoboken, NJ in the early morning to celebrate the day with a nice brunch and visiting our close friends. Apparently, Ronnie and my sister had been planning this day for a while. My sister and family drove to Hoboken ahead of time to set up a beautiful spot for my proposal – with the NYC skyline as a background. It was a beautiful morning but Ronnie and I arrived a little early for our brunch reservation. So Ronnie suggested that we take a walk down to our favorite waterfront walkway. As we walked down the quiet walkway he tugged my hand and walked me over to this romantic set up. He then held my hands and told me he knew from the moment he met me that he wanted to build a life together. He got down on one knee and proposed to me with the most spectacular ring. I said yes! We rejoiced with hugs and kisses. Ronnie then pointed out my sister -who was hiding in the bushes – capturing this whole moment. I ran up to her crying and hugged her . We then all walked to brunch – where I found another surprise- my parents waiting there with open arms and happy tears. It was yet another beautiful surprise to the morning. I had my loved ones surrounding me and it was all thanks to my wonderful fiancé. He knew exactly how to make the day romantic and sentimental. I can’t wait to spend my life with him.

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Credit: Jenna Bores