Proposal in Hawaii

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I met Isabelle through work and I remember it was always great working with her. We started off by being just friends but slowly it evolved into a relationship. One night after work we went out with some colleagues to grab a drink and this is where it all began. Throughout the 7 years being together, we have been through so many types of situations. We cried, laughed, argued, yelled and smiled but in the end we have learned so much from each other and this is what made us what we are today. We always find different ways to keep our relationship fun and exciting. We try not to take each other for granted, we are grateful for what we have and this is what helps us live every moment to the fullest.

The proposal: Isabelle has always dreamed of going to Hawaii. I figured planning a trip there would already be a great experience, but I wanted to make it an unforgettable once in a lifetime moment by proposing to her. My initial plan was to do it at a beautiful waterfall during our first week on the island of Oahu but as we got there, it started to rain.

The second time I planned on proposing was gonna be 10,000ft in the sky on a volcano during sunrise, but it was too cloudy that morning and we were unable to see anything. Finally, we set a day to drive down Hana Rd and this is where it took place. We stopped at multiple places and enjoyed the different waterfalls.

Image 2 of Proposal in Hawaii Throughout the whole vacation I was filming a lot and mentioned to her that we were going to create a few types of videos to help out my business in photography and videography. For this video I just explained to her that I wanted to create a video showing our adventure on Hana Rd. So, once it came time to propose I just set everything up on my tripod, mentioned we would be taking a picture and then positioned her in the right place in order to get the perfect video while I propose.

Every time I watch this video, I still get goosebumps and realize how lucky I am to be marrying Isabelle:

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