Carly and Jordan's Proposal in Beautiful Bora Bora

How We Met: We live in a small town but went to different high schools. During the summer of 2007, Jordan saw me twice around town before finding out my name through a mutual friend. Through Facebook, we connected, then met at party where we spent majority of the night talking and learning about each other. From that night on we texted each other every day, all day. Although we went to different schools and both played on various sports teams both in and out of school, we hung out nearly every day and every weekend. 3 months later Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked: We love to travel and it was without question that Bora Bora was our number one dream destination. Our Tahitian adventure took 28 hours travel time – 3 flights, 2 layovers and 1 boat ride – before we arrived in beautiful Bora Bora. The destination was stunningly surreal. On our fourth night in paradise we decided to head to the Miki Miki Bar for some drinks on the patio lounge looking out at the incredible view that was Mount Otemanu and the South Pacific Ocean.

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We left our overwater bungalow and walked the wooden boardwalk hand in hand. Once on the island, we began walking across the white sand beach where Jordan suggested that we stop and take a few pictures. It was a picturesque moment with the sun setting behind the extinct volcano, so he set up the tripod and suggested I stand beside a single palm tree.

After a couple pictures, Jordan switched from photo to video mode, unbeknownst to me. He pressed the shutter release and began walking toward where I was standing. I noticed that the timer wasn’t blinking to notify us that in 10 seconds a picture would be captured. So I said to Jordan, “It’s not blinking, the picture won’t work”. He didn’t respond and continued to walk toward me, so I repeated myself. By this time, he had reached where I was standing and responded, “I know…” Jordan took hold of both of my hands and turned me toward him, rather than facing the camera. I hesitated in confusion. We stood facing each other, hands held and Jordan began to tell me what I meant to him. After a couple moments of Jordan sharing his declaration of love, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small white and gold box. Simultaneously, he got down on one knee, extended both arms, and opened the small gold clasp revealing the solitaire, princess cut diamond enclosed. As he opened the box, he used my full name and asked, “Will you marry me?” Through ecstatic tears I whispered, “Yes!” and bent down to bring him from his knee. We shared our first kiss and an engaged couple and Jordan took the ring from the box and put it on my trembling finger.

After embracing and a few moments of shock and disbelief, we walked the remainder of the beach to the Miki Miki Bar to celebrate our engagement. Jordan ordered the Bora Bora and I, a Mai Tai. We sat at the most outward point of the Miki Miki Bar facing Mount Otemanu and toasted to being fiancé and fiancée. We were in post-engagement bliss and through tears (all of which were mine) we discussed the planning it took to get to this point on Jordan’s behalf: he designed the ring, selected the diamond and had it specially created for me; he asked my Dad for permission prior to leaving and had told no one else; he kept the ring hidden in the camera bag that he carried with him always, so that when the perfect proposal opportunity presented itself he would be ready.

After celebratory drinks, we blissfully sauntered back to our bungalow. We popped champagne off the balcony and elatedly toasted to being engaged. Through champagne sips we reveled in the beauty of the moment, the ring, our engagement and the view. We ordered room service and continued to sip champagne while listening to music and the sounds of the ocean beneath us. Above us, the stars were bright, the Moon was high, and it was a warm night with a gentle zephyr. In post-engagement excitement we jumped off our balcony into the alluring South Pacific Ocean illuminated beneath us to enjoy the view from the water. The proposal, the evening and the entire vacation were so surreal; it was like living a dream.

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Engagement Photos: Edouard Ott