So, This Guy Proposed in a Banana Suit...

How We Met: Thanksgiving Eve 4 years ago, I was invited to hang out in Rockaway (a town 10 minutes from my house) by my friend Stephanie. I was hesitant about going at first because I was tired, but I caved in and decided to go. Stephanie and I arrived at the house (which happened to be Jonathan’s) and I was introduced to him for the first time. After a few drinks, a 5 minute walk to the bar and then an entire night of conversation (where Jonathan slapped my butt and said I was his soulmate), it was evident sparks were flying. A few weeks later we went on their first date, and the rest is history.

how they asked: A few weeks ago, Jonathan and I + my best friend and her boyfriend decided to do a scavenger hunt in Philly. Little did I know that the scavenger hunt was just a ploy – as my friend and I were running around Philly trying to win (loser bought the winner dinner!), my boyfriend and her boyfriend were setting up in the hotel room waiting for us to get back. When I came up to the room, I thought they were trying to cheat by not letting us in the room….just see how badly I wanted to win.

So why the banana suit? To be honest, there is absolutely no reason he is in the banana costume! We are both outgoing, strange individuals and he wanted to wear something weird when he asked.