Amanda and Brendan's Proposal in Aruba

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how they asked: Brendan proposed to me on our 9 year anniversary in Aruba. Honestly, I must have been a complete airhead for not seeing that coming. We have shared some of our best memories and history on that island. In fact, on our very first anniversary in 2007, Brendan surprised me with a promise ring in Aruba. Who would have thought a proposal was to come 8 years down the road? Clearly not me!So prior to this trip, I had no idea that he was planning to pop the question.

So while we were boarding the plane to Aruba, the stewardess asked Brendan to move his backpack from the floor since we were seated in the Emergency aisle. Unfortunately, the over-head cartridge was already filled with other people’s baggage. So she asked him to move his bags much further down in the over-head cartridge. To my surprise, he told her absolutely not as he wanted it in eyes and arms reach. I was shocked by his stern reaction as they continued to argue back and forth until she finally just agreed. I was so confused as to why this was such a big deal to him. So then I started thinking…OMG does he have a ring in this bag?! I mean what could be his problem?! Oh boy, I’m so NOT prepared for this! Plus, both of my parents, grandmother, and Brendan’s mother were on this trip along with us. So I began thinking, waiiiiiit a minute….is this all a set up?! AND our 9 year anniversary was coming up. Also, I knew he had made reservations for a beautiful dinner on the beach for that celebration. So there it was, the light bulb that finally turned on and it all started to make sense. At that point I didn’t know what to do with myself. Here we are flying out of the country to Aruba and I may possibly be getting engaged to the love of my life. BUT I can’t even discuss it with anyone because I don’t want to ruin his surprise of surprising me! Are you confused yet?

So a few days of anticipation in paradise pass and our anniversary finally arrives. The poor guy was a nervous wreck. He rushed to get ready and as we were driving to the place he was sweating and non-stop talking. I was watching him in awe while trying to keep calm myself. We made it to the restaurant and while the sun began to set, he asked someone who worked there to take a picture of us by the water. After the first picture snapped, he then got on one knee, and simply asked, “Will you marry me?” Instead of crying, we were both hysterically laughing. Usually I’m such an emotional mess so I was honestly perplexed at both of our reactions. It was almost as if a sense of peace came over us.

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Meanwhile, a different photographer comes out of nowhere RUNNING towards us. At that point I’m saying, WHO the heck is this guy?! It was as if it was paparazzi or something! Brendan then tells me, he’s here for YOU! I hired him over a month ago to surprise you with a photo-shoot for our engagement. I was completely shocked by this gesture because Brendan is last person on earth who enjoys taking pictures. Never in a million years would I have thought he would orchestrate hiring a professional photographer. But the real irony was that we were both so excited in the moment that we didn’t even have the patience to take the pictures! But I am so glad we did because those photos will forever remind me of one of the happiest days of my life. The photographer was also incredible talented, professional, personable, an down to earth. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

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As for the yellow dress, I was actually going to wear a completely different outfit that evening. Since we were having dinner near the ocean, I didn’t want the wind to blow my dress all over the place. So originally, I was going to wear a cream fitted midi skirt with a tropical orange top. However, his mother kept insisting that I wear this yellow dress that I had planned on wearing another night. Thank God I listened to her wise advice did because it added such a great touch for the surprise photo-shoot!

Photography: Crooze Photography
Restaurant: Passions on the Beach