Proposal Ideas and Rings from The Diamond Store

We’re constantly thinking of marriage proposal ideas – it’s kinda WHAT we do – and we honestly didn’t think there was anyone else in the world who thought about it as much as we did.

Then we got to know The Diamond Store, based in the UK.

Not only do they have an amazing selection of engagement rings, but they also have advised plenty of men with their proposals throughout the years. Because of that, we decided to join forces with them to bring you some solid proposal ideas, plus ring inspiration to go along. Feel free to incorporate one or a few ideas, and be sure to pass this along to anyone you know who has marriage on their mind.

Proposal Ideas for Your Teacher Girlfriend:

Can you think of anything more adorable than a class of sweet-faced children spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ on hand-made cards? Nope, we can’t either.

Marriage Proposal Idea at School_040_low

You’ll need the assistance of a co-worker at the school to get your beloved out of the classroom for long enough for you to get in, give the cards to the children and line them up in the right order. If the co-worker is especially helpful, see if he or she can get the children to decorate each of the cards in advance!

Give ‘look out’ duties to one of the children, and tell them to alert you when your partner is heading back to the classroom. Position yourself next to the child holding the ‘W’ and enjoy the look of delighted surprise on your partner’s face when she walks into the room!

The ring: a Three-Stone Prince Cut Diamond

three stone engagement ring

Proposal Ideas for the Artsy Couple

Whether you’re an artist, she’s an artist, you’ve tried to draw portraits of each other before, or you’re a fan of hitting all the museums in every town  you visit, incorporating art into your proposal can be the perfect idea and certainly make for a beautiful proposal.

You can do the art yourself or hire someone; there’s a built-in keepsake when you do something like this as well. Here are a two photos to inspire your artistic proposal:

1. Graffiti Proposal in Central Park, New York City:


2. Make a collage of your relationship then fake that you’re going to see an art exhibit. When she walks into the gallery, it’s the art you’ve made for her:

View More:

As for a ring for the more creative gal, try a colored stone like this blue sapphire engagement ring:

the diamond store engagement ring sapphire

Foodie Proposal Ideas 

Just like cooking in general, there are so many ways to get creative with food for your proposal. You can…

1.  propose during a cooking class

2. surprise her with a new apron (that says Mrs. Smith — replace “Smith” with your last name)

3. deliver a batch of cupcakes to her work with “Will You Marry Me” spelled out.

4. recreate the first meal you ate together (this is great if you want a very private proposal)

Romantic-Houston-Cooking-ProposalProposal planned by The Heart Bandits

Your beautiful chef might enjoy a classic, easy-to-wear ring like this:


The Celebrity-Inspired Proposal (Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, anyone?)

Have a favorite show, movie or celebrity couple? Stage a proposal that would happen between those characters! Recreate the scene where Mr. Big proposes to Carrie or spend the day at the bookshop from Notting Hill. Not only will she feel like a super star, but she’ll love all the thought and effort you put in to making her feel like a princess!

sex and the city marriage proposal_ big proposes to carrie

The ring: Carrie’s ring in the movie was actually a black diamond, and many other celebrities are turning to less traditional engagement rings too. A dark blue sapphire engagement ring might be just the ticket.

dark blue sapphire engagement ring

Adrenaline Rush Proposals for the Adventurous Couple

An adrenaline-fueled proposal certainly makes for a story you’ll tell forever. If you’re used to doing adventurous things together, then skydiving, rock climbing, water skiing or snowboarding might be great activities to propose during.


Having two rushes at once will guarantee a unique feeling, but do make sure it’s something your girlfriend is not scared of or isn’t too incredibly challenging for either of you. You want to be able to process it all and enjoy the moment and not worry about…. falling off a cliff?

Here’s an engagement ring that’s great for your active gal:




We truly hope you found inspiration in reading through our ideas and skimming through The Diamond Store’s gorgeous rings. Want more ideas? The Diamond Store has 101 more proposal ideas to share with you, so if you need more, they’ve got them!


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