Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. You know, when the weather is perfectly balanced between cool and warm, and love is always in the air. If you’ve caught Spring Fever, you probably want to use this perfect season to ask your love the big four-word question – “Will you marry me?”

Below, we’ve rounded up a healthy list of proposal ideas for Spring!

Fond of Florals

In spring, love isn’t the only thing in bloom. Take advantage of the flora in all its splendor. Try a tour around your local garden, or for even more impressive blossoms, head out to the botanicals!

Image 1 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Botanical Gardens Proposal // Photography by: Jordan Brittley

Hit a Home Run

This time of year is also baseball season! Take her out to the ballgame, take her out with the crowd! But skip the peanuts and cracker jack, just give her a ring.

Image 2 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Baseball-themed Proposal // Photography by: Suzanne Melissa Photography

Beyond the Sea

The weather is perfect for sailing, and if you live by the coast, it’s also perfect for a sailboat proposal! Play some romantic music, and once you’re away from the dock, time to get down on a knee.

Tip: Proposal may cause jumping; bring lifejackets.

Image 3 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Sailboat Proposal // Photography by: Sailaway Clear Lake Charters with Captain Matt

On the Lake

You can still take her out on the water if you’re landlocked! Just find a nice romantic lake, make an excuse to go out there with some friends, and pop the question!

Image 4 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Proposal at Lake Louise // Photography by: Ginevre

Zoo Date

People aren’t the only ones with spring fever; use the new (insert cute baby animal) at your local zoo as an excuse to set up your perfect spring proposal!

Image 5 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Zoo Proposal

Hike To It

For the adventurous couple, spring brings perfect hiking weather. What better place to propose than at the end of the trail?

Image 6 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015Inspiration: Mountain Hike Proposal // Photo by: Laura Hernandez Photography

Picnic in the Park

Spring is also great for romantic picnics, just make sure it won’t rain! Find a nice clear hill, pack a cute little picnic lunch, and don’t forget the celebratory champagne.

Image 7 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015Inspiration: Picnic Proposal

Spring Break

College couples, take advantage of Spring Break! It’s the perfect excuse to go somewhere sunny with your love for the perfect proposal.

Image 8 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015 Inspiration: Spring Break Proposal in Big Sur // Photography by: Jen Davis

Trail Ride

If you love hiking scenery but don’t love the walking, go for a romantic horseback ride to prose! Try to get ahead of her, so you can be waiting at the end of the trail already on one knee.

Image 9 of Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015Inspiration: Horseback Ride Proposal // Photography by: Kristen Lynd

Be My Valentine

And last, but definitely not least, we have the most romantic holiday of the year. According to an American Express survey, about six million couples get engaged each year on the day of romance. If you’re planning to be one of them, you better have your reservations planned way ahead of time, and you better make it memorable!

The best thing about spring is that romance is everywhere. No matter where you propose, even if it’s on your back porch watching the sunset, she’ll appreciate it. And hey, if you start crying too, you can blame it on allergies!

“Proposal Ideas for Spring 2015” was written by Madison Bonnette

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