A Proposal Full of Surprises

How We Met: Eric and I initially met while in Pharmacy School in Boston (MCPHS). Upon graduation we went our separate ways only to reconnect 4 years later in the Summer of 2013. Living half way across the country in Minnesota Eric took a chance and asked me to join him for a drink when he would be back in New England in a month. After our first date they both knew we had found something special…

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how they asked: Eric and I visited Paris in October of 2013. I brought a lock with me and planned to visit Pont des Arts (the lover’s lock bridge) with Eric. I wanted to place a lock on the bridge in symbolism of our relationship. What I didn’t know is that, on 10-09-2013, that would be the very spot and moment he said “I love you” for the first time. I obviously felt the same way.

Fast forward exactly one year later and Eric and I had a trip planned back to Paris but this time for a work conference that Eric would be attending. Eric took months creating and coming up with an elaborate story so I wouldn’t question why I needed to request for the time off. His (fib) storyline: Eric was selected to attend a Pharmacy Conference in Paris on behalf of his company. Eric created a fake Pharmacy Conference Agenda and fake work travel and hotel documents to go with it so it looked like a work generated trip. He also had a close friend who recently joined another company in on the surprise (the storyline – he was going to the Pharmacy Conference in Paris too, to represent his company). Him and his wife would go out to dinner with us and discuss where we should meet up and go out at night while in Paris. At this point I was completely bought in.

Eric and I flew to Paris and landed on 10-09-2014. Exactly one year from the date we said “I love you.” Eric told me he wanted to take me out for a romantic night in Paris that he set up before his conference began the next day. The restaurant he said he made reservations at was within walking distance from our Hotel and we would have to cross over Pont des Arts.

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Knowing that I wanted to stop and find our lock we placed on the bridge one year ago. We arrived to the spot where we placed our lock on the bridge just as the sun was setting.

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Eric began to tell me how much I meant to him then got down on one knee and popped the question, and of course, I said YES!

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Following the proposal…
Eric had planned multiple surprises, all which perfectly fell into place. It began by having his best friend, who he flew to Paris from Maine, there to capture the moment through pictures and video. Next he showed me a video he created around the story leading up to the proposal. He took pictures and recorded all the steps he took (i.e. asking my Dad for my hand in marriage, buying the ring, creating the fake work conference documents, perfectly planning the hotel we would stay at in Paris, etc.). His goal was that this short video would alleviate any questions I had about how he pulled this off. He showed me the box the ring was in…it was a video camera ring box! He recorded my reaction and told me he planned to extend the video he made of the story leading up to the proposal and that he wanted to capture that moment forever. He planned a surprise celebration engagement dinner at Eiffel 58 (the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower)! He partnered with my brother, Loic, who is living in Europe, to surprise me in Paris the following day! He planned a long layover in Boston (where we are originally from) and set-up both of our parents to meet us there for a surprise celebration dinner.

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After dinner we flew back to Minneapolis, MN where the surprises continued! He worked with my boss and district manager to request and approve more time off for me because he planned a surprise trip to Mexico the day after we arrived back to MN from Paris to relax and enjoy this moment together. It was so fun to unpack all of our fall clothes from Paris, and then repack the suitcases with summer attire! We stayed at a beautiful Spa Resort in Mexico for just under a week. When we arrived home I was positive the surprises were over…I was wrong. Upon coming home from our trip Eric worked with my close friends to throw a surprise engagement party for us at our place! Even a close friend from the East coast flew out to celebrate.

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This was such an amazing experience and I am so happy to have found my once in a lifetime love!