Travis and Amanda's Proposal from "The Office"

How We Met: We met 14 years ago when we were put on the same coed soccer team. For me it was love at first sight but for Travis, he was a little too cool for me at the time. He denied my advances and we drifted apart. 9 years later he would still see my mom around Sugar Land and always ask her about me while I was off in grad school. Eventually she convinced me to go say hi and maybe reconnect and we completely hit it off after all of those years

how they asked: We’ve been dating 4 and a half years and came home to Sugar Land from New York City for the Christmas Holiday. I wasn’t expecting anything because I didn’t believe a ring to be in the cards this Christmas. He had my friend take me out to chat and for afternoon drinks the day of to distract me for a few hours. When he sent me the text of where I needed to get dropped off, I noticed it was the soccer fields where we had met 14 years ago. When we got there he walked out to the car to get me and I was still pretty clueless. I thought we were meeting his brother to go to dinner! Now something you should know, I am a huge nerd for the TV show “The Office” and the episode where Michael proposes to Holly is one of my absolute favorite episodes. I could probably recite the entire thing to you forwards and backwards! So when he took my hand getting out of the car, we started walking towards the fields and he said, “Let’s take a walk I’m going to show you some things.” My ears immediately perked up at this sentence and when we turned the corner to see white lights set up all over, tears started streaming down my face

He walked me down a memory lane of all the milestones in our relationship, when we reconnected, when we first kissed, the first “I love you,” and then started walking me down the path towards a pier by the lake. When we arrived at the lake, our closest friends were lining the pier holding candles. He said, “This is where we face our toughest test. After this, it’s smooth sailing for the rest of our lives.” Our friends proceeded to ask me to marry them, I would say no, and Travis would offer commentary on each rejection.

Then he lead me down to the end of the pier where the sun was setting perfectly in the background, got down on one knee, and got choked up asking me to spend the rest of his life with him.

To which I of course said “Yes!!”

Afterwards he acted as if my parents didn’t know (another trick) and we arrived at my house to see a huge engagement party thrown by my mom and dad with all our friends. The absolute perfect day with the perfect guy.

A big thank you to everyone involved especially my brother (the photographer), my parents, and my amazing fiancé.

Photography by Grant Walker