Chris and Alisha's Proposal at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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how we met

Chris: I can still remember the first time I laid eyes on Alisha; we both worked at a casino at the time and I had gone upstairs to the office to put in a request for time off and as I walk into the office she was sitting there being trained by our normal scheduler and I remember all I could think to myself was “wow”. So as the coming weeks went on I would make frequent trips to the office on my breaks and when I would put in requests for time off I would leave a bag of her favorite candy, Swedish Fish, with the request. So one day as I was up there she had told me she was going to the beach for the week after she got off that afternoon and she had told me which days she was going to be gone for and as coincidence would have it she had scheduled me to be off for those same exact days. So I started joking with her that she had scheduled me those days so that we could go on vacation together, but she just kinda laughed it off and we both finished our shifts and went about our lives like normal. It was that night that I was checking social media when I had received a message that said “Don’t be a stranger while I’m gone” and it had her number. We texted every day she was gone and the rest as they say is history.

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Alisha: When I took the payroll position at the casino, I never expected to meet my soul mate but there he was – Christopher walked in on my first day of training & I remember being in complete awe, this guy knew how to carry himself & he was quite the charmer. He had come into the office to request off for July 4th, a holiday that was blacked out & he knew wasn’t ever going to be approved, yet he tried anyways. His persistence was incredible, he would come into the office and leave me notes or a bag of my favorite candy, or just to chat. Although we both knew he was never getting the 4th of July off, I really enjoyed his visits and looked forward to them everyday.

A few weeks later I left for vacation, as I was driving to the beach I realized that we had never exchanged numbers and this was a guy that I didn’t want to go a week without talking to – I sent him a Facebook message and told him not to be a stranger. We’ve been talking every day since.

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how they asked

Chris: This was the single most fun thing I have ever had the pleasure of planning and I knew it had to be as perfect for her as possible. At the time of planning this we were still living in WV and we had been to Orlando once the year prior and seeing the look of total amazement on her face when she saw Hogwarts for the first time I knew that’s where I wanted to propose. It’s at that point I had to convince her our next vacation would be back in Orlando; you see I had joked in the weeks leading up to our first date that if she could give me the 4th of July off to visit my best friend who is in the Air Force that I would take her on a cruise, so after steering her away from that idea and back to Orlando I knew that it was set. The next steps would involve all of the details. We had casually looked at rings early on in the relationship and I had her pick out ones she liked – and when she left I went back and bookmarked the one she liked, so when it came time to propose, I already knew which ring I was getting. From there I had to figure out a way to tie it all together, you want the proposal to seem like as much of a fairytale as possible.

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So it was onto the ring box! I had google searched ideas for geeky proposals and seen a lot of different options, from a sorting hat ring box to the unbreakable vow book box to some different types of golden snitch boxes that were a bit bulky, when I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video by a guy named Bryan Chambers – who was doing a review of the golden snitch ring box I would end up using. So immediately I get into twitter and find him and wait a few days for him to accept so I could inbox him and see where he got it. He gave me a lead to a guy on a forums website that had made it, but when visiting the site I found out it was a limited run of 10 that and he had taken it down so no more were up for order. I was able to plead my case and lucky enough that the gentleman put it back up at a specific time for me to order one last one.

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I’ve always read on those fancy Pinterest posts “things to do when you propose to me” and they all say the same things. 1- Make it Special (check) 2- Get my nails done 3- make sure my best friend is there 4- catch it on camera. The nails part was no problem, you can always talk a girl into getting her nails done for vacation. The other two were a bit less simple. I couldn’t invite her best friend on vacation with us, but she happened to have a sister who lives in Tampa who was willing to come see us while we were in Orlando. The remaining two problems were finding a photographer and getting her to where it was all going to take place without her knowing – while having us both in super nice matching outfits. I was lucky enough that the year prior she had planned “date day” while on vacation so I told her this year was my turn but that it would be in the WWoHP so we needed to wear her house colors (Hufflepuff yellow). The final piece of the puzzle was our photographer Emily, who made this whole thing possible.

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I was planning a proposal at one of the busiest places in the middle of the tourist capitol of the world, and I had only ever been there once. But thank my lucky stars Emily was the perfect photographer to work with. She helped me pick the best location so that it would have an amazing view but also a location that is more secluded and private, one that as a tourist at the time I would have never known about. So the morning of the big day comes and I couldn’t be more nervous, so many things can go wrong, what if she asks why her sister is there for date day, or if security stops is as we go through the metal detectors and she sees the ring/golden snitch, or if I forget what to say. But luckily Emily is texting me throughout the morning keeping me distracted from what can go wrong and letting me know where I’m meeting her. So we make it in and head towards the spot and as we get there it’s perfect.

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I pull Alisha to the side, facing her favorite place on earth and I tell her just how much she means to me and ask the girl of my dreams to be my wife. And it couldn’t have gone more perfect. Emily helped pick the absolute perfect spot, it was just me and her, with her sister and Emily was there to catch it all. Our own little private piece of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. True magic in our everyday lives.

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Alisha: We had created a little tradition; one day of vacation was set aside for a planned date. 2014 was my year to plan – I surprised him with dinner right next to the glass at an aquarium, hot chocolate at a small tavern while watching the Seahawks game and a horse drawn carriage ride. 2015 was his year to plan – he’s always been brilliant with surprises but I thought I had this one figured out, I was very wrong! I knew I had to wear my new dress, get my nails Harry Potter themed and be at Universal when they opened. I thought he had managed to reserve Three Broomsticks and then we were going to have some sort of private tour. Harry Potter has been such a huge part of my life and our relationship, so breakfast and a tour would be awesome – what he had planned was perfection!

We made our way into Universal, our wands at the ready. As we approached Three Broomsticks I was waiting for him to say, “you were right” & take me inside…but we kept walking. He lead me between Hogs Head & the restrooms, I was starting to get a little worried until I saw the most incredible view of Hogwarts. It was breathtaking.

The two of us took in the view for a few minutes, he put his arm around me and began to tell me how much I meant to him. He brought up our love for books and Harry Potter, and the next chapter in our lives. By the time I figured out what was happening, he was down on one knee, with a golden snitch in his hand, asking me to spend forever with him. The snitch opened & inside was the most beautiful ring. I was certainly the luckiest girl in the world.

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Once I finally wrapped my head around what had just happened, I asked who knew – he pointed to Emily, our photographer who was hiding by a few tables capturing this perfect moment for us. We had a shoot with her throughout the park & I just couldn’t stop looking at Christopher and smiling. I have never smiled so much in my entire life, and I’m blessed to know I’ll be smiling with him – always.

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Special Thanks

Emily Gilbert
 | photographer
 | Golden Snitch Ring Box