A Magical Proposal at the Pier

How We Met: Jordan and I met our freshman year. He lived on the third floor. I lived on the eighth floor. My roommate and I met Jordan one night while hanging out with friends across from his room. He said he knew I was special the first time he saw me. I could tell he was nervous when we talked. He eventually worked up the courage to ask me on a study date. Ever since that night we have been inseparable. – Erin

The Proposal Story: On our third anniversary of our meeting, we went to Shane Co. to look at engagement rings. When we went I put a down payment on the ring and eight months later, I asked Jordan’s father for permission to marry his daughter. After he said yes, I planned a vacation to Chicago where we went for our first vacation two years ago.

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I hired a secret photographer to capture the magic moment. After a beautiful and amazing day in Chicago, I asked her to go to Navy Pier with me. When we were on the Ferris wheel, it began to rain. I walked her out to the end of the pier and got on one knee and asked the question. As soon as she said yes it started pouring down rain, leaving a magical ending to a magical day. – Jordan

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The Ring: Jordan and I went to pick out my ring about a year before he proposed. We wanted something unique, not the trend. I love the vintage look and anything that sparkles. When I tried on my ring we both just knew it was the perfect ring. Jordan did not tell me he had bought it so every time I went to Shane Co., I checked to see if my ring was still available. I became sad thinking somebody else had bought my ring, but on that magical day he proposed and I saw it, it became the perfect ending to the perfect day, and an amazing beginning to our new life together. – Erin

Erin’s ring is a part of Shane Co.’s Annata collection. This vintage-inspired ring features two stunning pear-shaped diamonds and 18 round cut-diamonds. With hundreds of unique settings, you can create your dream ring at Shane Co.

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Photos by Jason Devoll