Proposal at the Park

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How we met: Sean and I met in September of 2011 at a bar in Dallas. Sean happened to be helping out, and was working the door for the night. I handed him my ID and immediately noticed his smile. I was intrigued. His eyes were soft and his dimples were captivating. As we walked up the stairs, I caught myself looking back over my shoulder to catch one last glimpse of this mystery man. At the end of the night my friend stopped to talk to someone who she knew outside of the bar, and that left me with some time to do what I did best, flirt. Right off the bat, the conversation was easy. He was not only handsome, but he was intelligent and driven. However, because we were meeting at a bar, my guard went up, and when he asked for my number at the end of the night, I regretfully declined. He later told me he ran out to my car to try one last time to win me over, but we had already vanished. I left him with only my first name.

A week went by, and I could not get this man off of my mind. I told all of my friends about him, and knew that I had made a big mistake by blowing him off. Something felt different about him. Luckily for me, Facebook existed. I was out one day with a few friends, and sure enough, we took pictures and posted them to the site. Sean had a mutual friend with someone I was friends with that was tagged in that picture, and out of nowhere I popped up on his newsfeed. Sean had spent the last week searching for me all over Facebook and the Internet. He was unsuccessful, and about to give up, when all of a sudden there I was with a click of a button. He immediately emailed me and asked me on a date. I had to have one more reassurance, so I asked him, “What makes you worth it?” He responded with, “I am educated, cultured, and a charismatic guy. I know how a rare, genuinely beautiful girl needs to be treated. I’m not the normal guy, and I wouldn’t treat you like you are normally treated…I would treat you better.” I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake twice. This man was something special. I accepted his date, and we have been inseparable ever since.

How he proposed: The day was Sunday, April 21st. Sean and I attended church that morning with two of my best friends. Afterwards, we were planning on going to lunch. I was starving! One of my friends (who’s very artsy) asked if we could stop by this park that was near the restaurant to check out an art exhibit. I was not having it at all. All I could think about was food. After much debate and resistance, I gave in. Sean and I got there first. We drove around the park, and I did not see any exhibit. I was secretly excited because that meant we could go eat. However, Sean was persistent and made me believe that exhibit was in that park. He finally got me out of the car and walking towards this bridge in the middle of the park. We stopped on the bridge. I was frustrated and beyond ready to leave.

I turned towards Sean, and he grabbed both of my hands. He began by telling me that there really wasn’t an art exhibit in the park. I responded with, “well, no shit there isn’t an art exhibit!” And then it clicked…he was proposing! He said all the right things which brought tears to my eyes. This was the man I had always dreamed about marrying. He proceeded to get down on one knee and grab the ring from his sock (a precaution he took in case I put my hand on his leg during church). I heard clicking from the bushes, and looked over to see my best friend (who is a photographer) taking pictures of the whole event. He had done everything I had always dreamed of. The location was perfect; the ring was unbelievable, and he got it all captured, so we could remember this day for the rest of our lives.

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Afterwards, he took me to the restaurant (where I could FINALLY eat), only to surprise me again. All of our family and friends were there to greet us and to celebrate! This meant so much to me, as our family and friends are our life. It was the perfect day, the perfect engagement, and the perfect man proposing. I am looking forward to a future filled with lots of love.

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Photos by Dana Fernandez Photography