Marissa and Anthony's Proposal at the Grand Canyon

Anthony and I took a long weekend to visit Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. That was a lot of stops for the four days we had. Anthony is a photographer and wanted to hit all the scenic areas along the way. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling wonderful and — ok, I was a little cranky because of the cold weather, long drives and slippery slope Anthony insisted on taking to find the “perfect spot” to set up his tripod at the Grand Canyon.

As you can see from the initial photo I look really excited to be there. This is where Anthony made me stand out on a (windy) ledge so he could frame the shot, set up his remote, and adjusting the aperture and (insert other photography related terminology here). The photos really say the rest….

Photo 1: Me, being incredibly cranky but supportive of Anthony.

Proposal at the Grand Canyon

Photo 2: Me, wondering why he seems shaky and trying to get a read on his face.

Proposal at the Grand Canyon

Photo 3: Duck face because why not.

Proposal at the Grand Canyon

Photo 4: Pretty picture for the fam and other obligatory places you put photos.

Photo 5: Kiss.

Proposal at the Grand Canyon

Photo 6: !


Photo 7: This is happening!!


Photo 8: I say, “Yes!”


Photo 9: Kisssssssssssss <3


Photo 10: Me not crying.


Photo 11: Anthony asks, “You said yes, right?”



Photos by Anthony Eskridge