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Joe and I had this amazing trip to Europe planned. We were going to Dublin, London & Amsterdam. Once we got to London I was in awe since I really wanted to visit the city and it had forever been my go-to place to visit. One the 6th day of our trip (2nd day in London) I had everything planned out to the minute. We happened to fly by things faster than expected and suddenly I found ourselves just sitting in a park behind the London Eye. I kept trying to try and get up to do something, but Joe just wanted to “relax” … little did I know we were early and needed to kill time.

After about a half hour, we finally started moving towards the Westminster Bridge. I kept trying to stop to take photos of the London Eye, but Joe kept moving me alone. About more than half way across the bridge he finally stops and tells me to ask the couple across from us to take our photo. I immediately recognized the back of his fathers head and thought “what the? Why are your parents here?” Within seconds, his parents turned around, revealing my parents and family standing behind them. I wish I could tell you what happened/what I thought next, but I honestly blacked out, which then followed with a mini panic attack.

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One minute its just Joe & I on a bridge in London, next I see our parents and then turn to then see my boyfriend of 10 years on one knee asking me to marry him. I sobbed out my yes and couldn’t have been happier. It truly was unbelievable and beyond what I could imagine that day would be like. I am forever grateful for my amazing fiancée who planned this entire suprise for me for months, as well as my family who spent the time and money to be with us on that special day. I’ll never forget that feeling of happiness.

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Lucky for me, my mother hired a professional photographer in London to capture the entire thing.

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