Mallory and Davis Proposal at Disney

Image 1 of Mallory and Davis Proposal at DisneyHow we met: Davis and I met in high school in 2010 and knew that we wanted to be in each other’s company for a long time. I was the serious, mature type, while he balanced me out with his witty jokes and southern charm. We graduated from the same high school, went to a local community college for two years, and then moved to attend Mississippi State University together to finish our degrees. Throughout those years, (5 to be exact) we encountered many obstacles. He joined the military and we spent a tough 12 weeks apart. We wrote each other old-fashioned letters and mailed one or two a week. As for me, I attended a college internship at Walt Disney World in 2012. This consisted of five months apart. It was definitely a learning experience for both of us and was definitely a test for our faithfulness and love. Through it all, we put our relationship in God’s hands and by His grace, we made it through.

how they asked: All of my life, I loved Disney. The fairytales, the movies, the characters, the parks. That is something Davis and I shared. After 4 years, we had talked about marriage and that we were both willing to commit our lives, but Davis reassured me that we would wait until we both graduated college. On March 4, 2014, Davis decorated my apartment with Mickey Mouse confetti, flowers, Disney movies, and road trip snacks for our 50 month anniversary (yes, we count!) As I walked into my apartment, completely speechless while butterflies filled my stomach, I opened a card that read, “Spring Break 14? We’re going to Disney World!” I cried my eyes out just because it had been two years since I worked there and I was thrilled to be going back. We traveled 650 miles with his family to spend Spring Break at Disney. We saved the last day of our trip to go to my favorite park, where I worked, Magic Kingdom. We arrived as soon as they opened the gates. As we walked down Main Street, Davis directed the family to a secluded section called the “Rose Garden” beside the famous castle to take pictures. Taking pictures with every Disney landmark is typical and normal for us. He suggested we take ours first before anyone else. The photopass castmember snapped a couple of pictures and then Davis (who is not the spontaneous type) told me there was one more picture he wanted to take with me. Confused, I looked at him to see him posed on one knee with the biggest smile on his face! He said my full name, and “Will you marry me” came out of his mouth. I cried for a solid minute and then immediately hugged him, forgetting to even give him an answer! He asked me, “Is that a yes?” And I replied, “Of course!” His family applauded along with a small crowd of strangers who watched the proposal.

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