Shiree and Jason's Proposal at Coachella

unnamedHow we met: Jason and I have a very special story. It all started when we met in high school sophomore year a little over 15 years ago. We both attended Valley Christian High in San Jose, CA. I was a cheerleader and he was this quiet but cute skater boy who was really into cars and art. He sat next to me in our Anatomy and Physiology class. Eventually, after months of flirting and note passing he ask me out on a date our sophomore year. I remember talking to my best friend Sarah at the time about it. We were in Safeway after cheer leading practice and I told her this guy who I though had a crush on me asked me out to dinner. I wasn’t to sure about him. She convinced me to go out with him and I am so glad I did. After our first date we were inseparable. He completely knocked me right off my feet. My head was up in the clouds our first year of dating. Jason was my first REAL relationship as I was to him. With being each others firsts came lots of drama. We were both so young and in love at the same time. All the while growing and learning who we both were as young adults. After a year and a half of dating in high school we eventually broke up. He broke up with me actually. It was the worst heartbreak I have ever been through. So bad that to this day I can still remember how bad my heart hurt from that breakup. We went on to date other people our senior year and for a few years after while both in college. It took us a while to reconnect with each other. I always had Jason in the back of my mind and in my heart throughout the years. (Even while in my other relationships) We were on and off throughout our early 20s. There was a point where we just couldn’t seem to get on the same page. When I wanted to settle down he wanted to be single and vise versa. But we did have 1 thing and that was we couldn’t seem to shake one another. There was a love there that never died. No matter how dysfunctional we were at the time. On and off we continued for quite some time until we finally came to the conclusion that we were mean tot be. That there was no one else in the world that we would rather be with than each other. We grew as a couple through our mid 20’s and finally took the big step of moving in together. Things just kept getting more serious as the years went on. We had some trying times throughout those years but in the end it only made us closer and stronger as we grew as a couple. 936567_4940291580265_1737183287_n

how they asked: Jason and I both enjoy music and festivals and in 2013 we attended the three day Coachella music festival in Indio Ca. . This was our third Coachella together. Each year Jason would try to get me on the Ferris wheel and every time I declined. I am terrified of heights. We arrived Thursday afternoon at the festival and on the following day Friday April 11th we gathered up our large group of friends from our camp site and headed out to the festival. Of course everyone decided to check out the Ferris wheel for a ride. I was at first totally opposed to it.

Proposal at Coachella

Then, I realized that all my close friends were there including my Best friend Erica and I didn’t want to be the only one in our group that waited for all her friends by herself on safe ground while they were up there making memories. As my boyfriend purchased us the Ferris wheel tickets my heart slowly sank into my gut and I started having second thoughts. I even told Jason that I changed my mind. He calmly reassured me that it would all be ok. So, I gathered up all my courage put on a nervous smile and hopped into the death cage. We fit a total of 7 people on the ferris wheel. All of them our closest friends.

As I got in I noticed Jason didn’t even sit next to me!! At that point I was way to scared to even make a big deal of it and held onto my friend Carrie’s arm. One of Jason’s friends Timmy had our GoPro and was recording the entire thing. Which at the time I was totally annoyed at. As we slowly went up into the air I could feel my insides twisting, sweat forming and my heart pounding so hard I though it was going to pop out of my chest. As I sat there already panicked I noticed that the Ferris wheel had stopped at the very top. I began to have a nervous breakdown. I could feel tears start running down my face thinking to myself.

This is just my luck. For the Ferris wheel to break down and get stuck while I’m on it. Jason sat across from me and with a nervous voice he said “Soooo……” as be bent down on 1 knee and opened up his backpack. He pulled out a gorgeous shiny wooden box and before opening the box he asked me to marry him. My feelings of being totally terrified with fear quickly turned into sobs of happiness.

Proposal at Coachella


After I said “YES!!!” Jason opened up the box and presented me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It was such a great/terrifying experience to say the least and I will forever remember it (Thanks to TIMMY!)

Having all our close friends that have seen us through our many ups and downs there to share that moment with us was so special and I will never forget it.


marriage Proposal at Coachella


marriage Proposal at Coachella

993628_10200419569786973_2090086830_nWhen we arrived back home from one of the craziest weekends of our lives we decided to do something even more crazy. We decided to get married in just 2 short months. Both our 30th birthdays fall in June. His the 25th and mine the 7th.

So, we thought what if we had a double 30th birthday bash/engagement party in June. What’s so crazy about that you ask? Well, we though it would be totally fun and different if we fooled everyone at the party and got married!!! June 22, 2013 quickly approached and about 80 of our closest friends and family arrived at The Hotel Los Gatos in Los Gatos , CA. Jason and I nervously greeted our guest wondering how were going to actually pull this off. As everyone was mingling, drinking and eating we scurried away to change into our wedding attire. Before our guest new it, they figured out that in fact they were attending our wedding!

Between the short few months of April March and June, Jason and I experienced nothing but excitement and bliss. We went from engaged to married to turning 30 in just 3 short months! This year Jason and I will be celebrating our 31st birthdays as well as our 1 year wedding anniversary all in the month of June. I consider myself to be the luckiest woman in the world to have found a love that is undeniably true and forever lasting . Jason is my world, my soul mate and my best friend. I am so very blessed that the universe has allowed me to live my life beside him.