Dana and Dan's Proposal at an Eric Church Concert

How we met: Dan and I met while working together at Perry Park Country Club. We worked 70 hours a week together, and would stay after work until 3am just so we could hang out together. I’ve never been so excited to see or talk to anyone. We would take drives to nowhere in his old truck, and Eric Church or some kind of country music was ALWAYS on the radio. It was the perfect summer romance! We’ve been together for three years, moved to two different states, and now have one perfect, beautiful son together. We have continued our love of country music onto our boy, playing Eric Church before he goes to sleep!


how they asked: We got Eric Church tickets from Dan’s parents for Christmas, so naturally we were so excited to see our favorite artist, and someone whose music has had such a large role in our love story. We had dinner and drinks downtown, and Dan actually dropped our tickets on the floor at the restaurant we were at. On our way over to the Pepsi Center, he flipped out because he couldn’t find the tickets! I just thought he was super excited to see Eric. Luckily the restaurant had found them and we went back to get them. We got inside and the concert started. We were singing along and one of our favorite songs “Guys Like Me” came on. One of the lyrics is “so rough around the edges, its hard to believe that girls like you love guys like me” and Dan always used to say that to me. So before I knew it, Eric Church sang those lyrics and when I looked at Dan he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. He asked “will you marry me” and I lost it! Everyone in our section was cheering, it was the most surreal, amazing moment!!



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