Amanda and Danny's Proposal at a Surprise Birthday Party

Image 1 of Amanda and Danny's Proposal at a Surprise Birthday PartyHow We Met: I met Danny at a bar he used to work at a few years ago. The day I met him, he told me he was going to marry me one day. Word got back to me very quickly that he was asking around about me. Asking my brother and cousins permission to take me out and to put in a “good word” with me. I insisted he wasn’t “my type”. Danny however, was very persistant. He would show up at the bar I worked at quite frequently, but he never stayed too long. Just long enough to make me laugh and leave me wondering if he’d keep coming back. After finally taking my best friends advice and giving it a shot, Danny and I became inseparable. It only took one night out to the movies for me to realize that someone incredible had been right in front of my face!

I dont ever remember a time where I smiled as much as I did the first time we actually hung out. Nobody has ever looked at me the way Danny did and still does. He is one of the best things I ever said yes to. Who knew that someone I didn’t think would be my match, ended up being more than I could have ever asked for in a partner. I am truly the luckiest woman on earth to have the love that I have with this man.

how they asked: It was my 25th Birthday and I was so upset because Danny had told me for over a month he couldn’t get off of work that night. So, not only was I being over dramatic about turning 25, but I was also pretty bummed that I couldn’t even spend my nigbt with Danny. I came home on my lunch break because Danny had told me he grabbed me a rice bowl and Starbucks. He seemed very tense and wouldn’t even sit next to me on the couch! When I asked what his problem was he told me he had a lot to do at work that night. I walked back to the office really upset that nobody seemed to care it was my Birthday.. Not even my boyfriend!

After dinner with my mom and 3 of my best friends, I was told we were going to have a drink at a local place called “The Lodge”. Danny had told me he was planning to meet me if he could get out of work early. When we walked into The Lodge, my best friend told me I needed to put my head down. At this point, I thought she was kidding or planned a small birthday party for me. As I started walking with my head down, she began handing me ticket stubs. Our first movie date, our first concert, sporting events we went to together. When I started to realize that Danny had kept every ticket stub I began to tear up wondering what was really going on. As I reached the top floor of The Lodge, over a hundred of my family and friends were quietly, patiently waiting for me. Danny walked up to me and next thing I knew, he was on one knee! We spent the rest of the night celebrating our new engagement and my 25th birthday. It was perfect and a birthday I will never forget.