Proposal at a Beautiful Marina in Australia

cornelara-andre proposal-0018 How we met: Andre and I met in late 2010 when I came from South Africa to visit my family in Australia. It was my first time visiting and I was so excited to travel and see my friends and family again. Little did I know I would meet my future husband that night while having dinner at a friends house. I still had a boyfriend at that time so was very reserved and restrained myself from talking to random guys. I was sitting on the couch when Andre came walking through the door. Andre still recalls seeing me sitting there and thinking to himself “well she’s quite different” (in a good way,I hope).

He soon found out that I had a boyfriend and later told me he was heart broken as he really thought I was an amazing girl. The next day Andre and a friend took me to Burleigh beach in the attempt to teach me how to surf. Andre took me out on the water and we had so much fun together, I fell of the board several times and although I wasn’t the best student, Andre was so calm and patient with me. I remember walking out to the beach and thinking to myself this guy is definetely marriage material.

I went back to South Africa not thinking anything would come of this. Later in 2011 word had spread that I had broken up with my then boyfriend and Andre was the first on the scene. We talked now and then but it was nothing serious. January 2012 came and I was on holiday visiting my family in Somerset West in Cape Town when I saw photos of Andre at Table Mountain in Capetown. I soon realised that Andre was also in Capetown visiting his family and what a coincidensce It was when he told me he is also staying in Somerset West. From there on we spent every day of the summer together going to the beach, going wake boarding and going for wine and champagne tastings all around the beautiful wineries in Capetown.

We were inseperable from then on and traveled to America together later that February where we just fell further in love with each other. I knew then that this was the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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how they asked: Andre came to me early on a Tuesday morning (2nd of April) as he was off to work and mentioned to me that he wants to go and take photos for my new blog.

Meanwhile that morning I was at home getting ready, while Andre was out preparing the proposal at Marina Mirage, Gold Coast. He came to pick me up and got al his camera equipment ready. He filmed through out the day and while we were driving, but I didn’t suspect anything as he is a videographer and is always busy with his camera taking video.

When we got close to Marina Mirage we had a stop at Peter’s Fish Market, we ordered fish and chips and decided we wanted to go sit somewhere close to the beach and enjoy our meal. As we got to the little bay area near the spit we had a walk up the jetty where a boat was being tied up to the dock.

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Andre approached the people and asked if they do boat trips and asked how much it would cost to just take us around the bay area to show me around. I was surprised when they said that they could take us out just then as they had no more clients for the day. So we spontainiously hopped on the boat (me still not suspecting anything).

We enjoyed our fish and chips on the boat cruising through the bay area. It wasn’t long till Andre took my hand and started telling me how much he loved me. My eyes filled up with tears as I knew what was about to happen. He went on one knee and popped the question to which I of course replied yes. After a couple minutes of tears and joy, Andre pointed out towards the closest beach. As I looked out, I noticed Corne & Lara about a 100meters from our boat. Straight away I realized they had been photographing the whole thing…

Later that afternoon after the proposal we all went to celebrate with bubble tea in the middle of Surfers Paradise since its our favorite thing to do together and went for a late dinner at Vapiano. It was such a magical day and we are so grateful to have it had captured by Corne & Lara Photography.

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Photos by Corne & Lara Photography