Proof that We Are Soulmates

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How We Met: Stacy and I met working at The New York Times. She doesn’t remember it this way, but I swear that our first meeting happened like a lightning strike. One day, just as I was settling into my desk in the newsroom at the NYT, shortly after graduating from Journalism school, I was thinking to myself that the only thing that would make my new job better is if there were an attractive young woman my own age that I could look forward to seeing in the cafeteria or on the elevator.

At just that moment, my future wife came striding down my row of desks (well dressed—as she nearly always is) stopping right in front of my seat to collect me for a meeting we were both supposed to attend. Stacy continues to bring little lightning strikes like those into my life—more than I’d ever thought possible.

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How I asked: I can’t be sure, but there’s a good chance that more people have seen our engagement than any other in the history of betrothal—though that was never ever the plan.

For Valentine’s Day 2012, I had planned to make a little card for Stacy, using some fuzzy math to illustrate just how lucky I was to have found someone so perfect. Thanks in part to a long weekend home alone, I ended up not with a card, but with a fairly involved set of statistics breaking down the total number of women I could have met in my lifetime based on age, location and ability to speak English. I shared the work in progress with some friends who persuaded me to polish it up and build one of those scrolling infographics. The plan had always been to make it something that I could print out and give to Stacy, but by the time it was finished, the whole thing just lived better on the web. So, what began as a nerdy love note evolved into a post on Mashable and AllThingsD, in which I asked the love of my life to be my wife. All told, the proposal has been seen and shared tens of millions of times all over the internet—but in reality, it only ever had an intended audience of 1.

And then this video came about:

Video written by Drake Martinet
Illustration and Animation by Emanuele Colombo

And this gif… “We Just Got So Married”
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Drake tweets at @WithDrake

What do you guys think? Clever?