Priyanka and Upesh

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How We Met

My fiancé, Upesh, and I (Priya) had first met in the fall of 2016. It was fitting that we had met at a Greek life event, as we both were so involved and passionate about our respective organizations. Looking back on that day, both of us agree that we had no idea what the other person would end up meaning and how important they would become in our lives. We had talked casually throughout the night and had been partners in a couple of ice breaker games. We exchanged contact information and went our separate ways that day. It wasn’t until almost a year later that we reconnected. Our respective Greek organizations were holding a joint national convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 2017. At this convention, we started talking again and stayed connected for the next 6-7 months until Upesh finally got the nerve to ask me out on a date. And the rest is history!

How They Asked

Ever since we started dating, I had been telling Upesh how much I loved proposals. He knew that I loved flash mob proposals the most, where a group of people would randomly start dancing in a public place unannounced, with music playing. It would look as if it was a random occurrence, but it would be planned ahead of time! Knowing this, Upesh had been planning for something similar with my friends and family for quite some time. One day a week before my brother’s birthday, his best friend messaged me letting me know that a couple of his friends were planning a surprise for him in downtown Chicago. They needed me to bring him there with an excuse. At this point, I kind of knew something fishy was going on, but I went along with it and thought perhaps there wasn’t anything else to it. Upesh actually drove with my brother and I to downtown, and it wasn’t until we reached the hotel where my brother’s “surprise” was happening that I finally found out what was going on. Upesh dropped us off at the hotel and when we got upstairs, my best friend who was supposed to be in Washington D.C. was there! The room had been decorated so pretty, and Upesh had picked out a beautiful outfit for me. After my friend and I got ready, she took me to Mary Bartelme Park where all of our closest friends and family were waiting! When I walked up, they were all in position with Upesh in the middle. Then the music started to play and my own little flash mob started! It was super cute and they did such a great job, I couldn’t believe that he pulled it off the way they did it. In the end, he pulled me in for a slow dance, and then he got down on one knee and asked me! This was the part where we both apparently blacked out and don’t really remember what was said, except for that I said yes! It was the most beautiful and special proposal I could have asked for. Afterward, we did a beautiful photoshoot and got dinner with our friends and family, culminating an amazing day.

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