Priyanka and Kshitij

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Prague

How We Met

I was crushing on Kshitij from the moment I noticed him walk in for a job interview at the startup I work with. Yay for me, he got hired and joined from the next week itself. I got over my crush in a week, but little did I know that it was a crush-at-first-sight for him too! Both of us are shy, and we used to talk like normal coworkers do, and nothing beyond that. Kshitij knew that I’m a sucker for trivia, and he used to try so hard to impress me with nerd stuff, but somehow, I always knew about those things beforehand, haha!

After a month or so, one fine weekend, he called me up and asked me out. I was so astounded that I hung up on him. I did call him back after some time, and we went out on our first date on 26th June 2016!

Good lord, he came to pick me up, and we went for brunch. After that, we went trampolining! It was the best first date for me! Then we kept going out every weekend, and as they say, the rest is history.

Priyanka's Proposal in Prague

How They Asked

Kshitij started planning a proposal in August 2018. He knew that I’d not have liked a grand proposal in front of a crowd. But he sought my sister’s help to find out my ring size when I was visiting my hometown. We were traveling to Germany and Prague to celebrate his birthday, and he planned to do it during the trip. He was so sneaky, and I had no inkling whatsoever!

On 12th October, it was his birthday and we were in Prague. We both were super keen on going to a photo booth where you can print out a strip of 4 pics. We don’t have that in India. Now, what could have been a better time to check it off than his birthday? He found out Rock Cafe where they had a photo booth, and we went there in the evening. I made him rehearse a few funny poses, and we started posing inside the booth. Right in the middle of it, he went, “Priyanka, Priyanka!”, I was so worried that he’ll ruin our pics if he forgets the poses. I looked at him and he had a ring, and asked me, “Will you marry me”? I went completely blank because I’d NOT expected this!! I yelled, “Yes”, and we hugged. He teared up after that! It was sooo magical!

Later, I called up my sister, and it was laughter and tears! You know what’s a coincidence? He proposed to me on his birthday, and we got formally engaged in front of our parents on my birthday (25th January 2019). :)

Special Thanks

Shriya Sharma
 | gave him my ring size