Priya and Tony

how we met

At the age of sixteen, I met Tony’s mother working at a clinic. Over the course of working together for nine years, we developed a mother-daughter relationship. I even began referring to her as my “Work Mom”, but little did I know that five years later, she would become my mother-in-law! Tony’s mom put me in touch with him when I asked for their family business to repair my cousin’s car. Business turned into dating, and the rest is history!

how they asked

In April 2019, Tony was running in the Boston Marathon and actually wanted to propose there, but the ring he ordered wouldn’t arrive in time. However, the ring arrived in time for our vacation to Mexico the following month! At a beautiful resort in Cancun, we went to dinner, followed by a night time stroll where he popped the question! I said, “yes, but this is contingent!” I just had to call his mom and ask her permission first. And of course, she said yes too.

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