Priya and Steven

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How We Met

On a summer night on July 2014 Steve wanted to get together with friends at a Roslyn, New York Lounge. On that same night I ( Priya) went to meet up with some friends for dinner and cocktails. I went to the bathroom and came back , all of Steve’s friends were talking to mine. I noticed Steve staring at me, eventually we started talking and had a bunch common. I lived in Brooklyn at the time and Steve was working down the block from my apartment.

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We were both going on Vacation to Spain at the same exact time. We wanted to try to get together before our trips, but it never happened. Our first date ended up being in October. It was evident there was a connection and just an easiness with each other. Life took over and Steve and I lost touch, on a random day in February Steve sent me a text. We went out again on our second, first date and we have been inseparable since then.

how they asked

It was the week before Memorial Day weekend, Steve and I were going back and forth with the idea of going away for a night or two. Steve had planned a night in Mystic Connecticut convincing me that it was perfect with its little vintage shops and of course, the infamous Mystic Pizza. It was also very close to my sisters home, which he had said we can stop by in our way home on Sunday. The whole day Steve was acting super nervous and full of anxiety! We get to Mystic and enjoy the town, at 4:30 we take a sailboat on the harbor – just the driver, his wife, Steven and I. It was gorgeous sunny day.

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About half way through the boat ride and we sat on the front of the boat. Steven planned that Scarlet Begonias from The Grateful Dead was playing in the background. And that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me spend forever with him. He pulled the ring out of a paper coffee cup from the champagne bag. I said YES! And we were both over the moon.

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Little did I know, my family had known for weeks and the next day at my sisters house we all got together and celebrate!

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